Avoiding The Pitfalls Of The Secret Law Of Attraction

By: Richard Bertrandt

Whether good or bad, the secret law of attraction will manifest that which we focus upon. In fact, all of our thoughts will eventually manifest themselves as reality unless we control that which we think about and the associated emotions.
Think back for a minute at a time where you achieved a goal that you wanted. You will probably remember that you thought about that goal constantly, right? You planned and worked to until that goal became reality. You thought about it constantly and with strong positive emotions, right?
Well, here is what really happened. You focused on the goal with such positive emotion that you sent out a powerful vibration that attracted the resources that you needed to consciously create that goal as reality.
However, there is a negative side to the secret laws of attraction and vibration. When we find ourselves trapped by certain negative situations, we focus on the situation to formulate a method of escape. Instead, we find ourselves spiraling in ever intensifying despair, struggle and frustration.
Our subconscious mind creates our dominant emotional vibration through our emotions. Negative circumstances persist because our unconscious mind is so focused on the situation that we cannot effectively alter our thinking. Take, for example, the fear of heights. No level of rationalization will overcome the powerful emotions associated with an irrational phobia.
These same negative emotions alter our vibration to attract everything we desperately want to avoid. We cannot change an undesirable situation by worrying, planning, scheming or thinking about it. We will only make matters worse
But, when we conscious create using the the secret laws of attraction and vibration, we first focus on the result. We paint a picture, in our mind, of that which we want to achieve. We then focus on the positive emotions associated with it. Reality is born in the recesses of the mind.
With a clear and focused picture of the result, the secret law of attraction will work to send people and create circumstances that will move us forward toward our goal. The plan will write itself. Resources will manifest in our life. Simply put, we should just decide what we want and why, then simply let it happen.

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