Avoiding Excessive Expenses with a Gaming Notebook

By: David Finn

Though gaming notebooks have become quite popular in recent times, there are still some problems surrounding this particular type of portable computer – namely the price. You can definitely get some serious computing power from some of the models that are available today, but you'll need to be careful with your budget and make absolutely sure you know how much you can spend. Otherwise you can start getting carried away by the various extra features that are offered by some models out there and you'll start considering paying a lot more than you should for your machine.

First, remember that you don't necessarily need the top of the line in order to have a good gaming laptop. Just think of the games that you're eager to play, and which the most demanding of them are – chances are that you can get a notebook that can still run those games just fine, yet it's not one of the best models on the market at the moment. Furthermore, as long as you get a model with an extra RAM slot or two, you can potentially upgrade some aspects of the computer later on, allowing you to stay at least a bit more flexible as new games keep coming out.

Gaming laptops tend to have larger screens in most cases – but you may not need such a huge solution for your purposes. Perhaps you already have a big monitor and you are planning to hook up the notebook to it while you're at home – and when you're on the move, the laptop should be close enough to your face while you're playing anyway, so you won't need such a large screen to see the action in detail. In addition, a large screen would usually have a bigger resolution which would require more power to render everything – and you may have to still get a more powerful notebook to compensate for that.

Don't forget about the most important aspect of a gaming notebook – the power. These machines tend to draw a lot of juice, and they usually chew through their batteries quite fast – so make sure you get a model that has a good enough battery to last you a long time. You can usually still do that and save some of your money, but it requires some expertise on how the market works and which manufacturers can cut you a good deal on that. Usually, ASUS is a good place to look if you want a good balance between battery lifetime and price, as they have some excellent deals on their gaming-oriented notebooks in this regard.

Last but not least, remember the long term maintenance of your machine – this is something that can actually add quite a bit to the cost, so you should be careful with that. As long as you keep it in a good condition though, you can expect to see a long use out of it without having to pay anything extra for its maintenance – making the whole purchase altogether very much worth it!

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