Avoiding Environmental Hazards

By: Tayler Launter

The technological development that most of us savour today is also depleting our natural resources at a rate faster than expected. Sustainable technology is the need of the hour. A good example of this approach is seen in the mining industry. In case of activities like mining; the waste from the process is accumulated in a tailings pond. These waste materials include several components in relatively higher quantities that can cause a misbalance in the delicately balanced eco system. Once accumulated in the tailing pond; the matter is treated using superior technology to salvage all that we can, to be reused. A lot of times the material salvaged during the treatment of tailing pods may not be fit for direct human consumption but you can still use most of these for commercial and industrial processes.

Tailing ponds need to be taken care of. If left unattended, they can become a major environment hazard. In situations of bankruptcy of the mining company, the government is left with a huge burden to care for in terms of tailing ponds; sometimes forever. Therefore the authorities maintain a very strict norm with tailing ponds and their maintenance by parent company on a regular basis. Even in case of seawater; all the gallons are no good for drinking purposes. So, do we let the water go waste? Not at all, instead we can harvest this water in the form of brine ponds and extract salt. The salt once refined becomes fit for human consumption. The salt pans are used to evaporate brine for the production of salt.

These days, thanks to the advancement of technology; such brine ponds are also possible in desert areas. It is an excellent model to make the best out of wastelands and water bodies like sea. The water that we use is also derived from multiple sources. It may seem to come from a river but the even this water is high on a lot of unwanted industrial pollutants. Therefore the water is treated using chemical process to make it safe for human consumption. Baffle curtains are tools that help to enhance this water treatment at an affordable investment. Using fixed or floating baffle curtains increases the contact time of the water with the chemicals and is able to guarantee foolproof treatment. The floating baffle curtains are a variety popular with reservoirs and lagoons.

The baffle system comes with a flexible geo membrane, stainless steel cables and mounting hardware to ensure a durable design and absolutely safe water treatment. High density polyethylene or HDPE also comes across as an excellent material for such treatment plants. It requires a low investment and is able to offer excellent resistance against most chemicals. In fact HDPE is a versatile material with multiple applications. For some of the process you can also use LDPE or the low density polyethylene material. The major difference lies in terms of their chemical resistance.

Technology has taken the progress of mankind to a new level. However a little consideration and extra investment from our end can help avoid a lot of environmental hazards as an after effect of this development. Itís the least we can do to guarantee a safe future for the coming generations.

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