Avoid Pesticides in Food, Go Organic

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Toxic food,the latest episode of Satyamev Jayate hosted by Amir Khan aired the
pesticides and their effects.
We checked with our Panel dietitians and Nutritionists on this topic. Mentioned
below are their views:The pesticides damage your health, wealth and peace of
mind.What you are consuming currently are inorganically produced fruits and
vegetables that have more toxic contents rather than essential nutrients, thus
having a very strong negative impact on human health.

Pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and other materials used in inorganic farming
are causing severe damage to our environment, like soil erosion, water pollution,
air pollution etc. The damage is having an overall impact on our current health,
while posing a threat for our future generations.There are numerous facts related
to diseases and their causes that are linked primarily to the consumption of
inorganically grown foods. Health Effects of Pesticides include asthma, birth
defects, neurological effects, cancer, hormone disruption causing fertility
problems, reduced sperm counts, endometriosis etc.

The primary causes of the diseases due to inorganic farming:

Nutritional deficiency in fruits and vegetables

Toxic components of the heavy metals in fruits and vegetables. These
components are part of inorganic fertilizers and pesticides.
Stress: Stress is the most important factor to be considered and it is mostly
related to nutrition, that is, deficiencies and toxicities in fruits and vegetables
grown using inorganic fertilizers and all kinds pesticides.Grow organically, eat
organic foods.....Organic food is grown without using synthetic fertilizers and
pesticides, thereby making no impact on our health and environment, be it soil,
water or air. Organic farming results in healthy plants and better tasting produce.

Production of organic food has become simple with the introduction of new methods
and means of providing sufficient nutrition and plant protection measures, such as
using natural plant extracts and beneficial insects. Organically grown fruits and
vegetables grow slowly, but are filled with nutrition, vitamins, and the best anti-stress
compounds for human health.

Benefits of Organic Food

Organic food has many benefits over inorganic food quite simply because the
food produced is grown naturally, safely, and with better high mineral nutrients.
Extensive research study concluded that consumers who want to improve their
intake of minerals and vitamins while reducing their exposure to potentially
harmful pesticide residues and food additives should choose organic food
whenever possible.

Few key benefits:

Organic food contain certain compounds that increase our resistance against
several diseases, most importantly against cancer.Organic food cuts down the
intake of toxic chemicals in the human body, as organic food is produced without
using any pesticides, plant growth hormones, fertilizers, or toxic artificial additives
like flavoring, coloring and preservatives. Organic food has all its nutrient content
intact and arrives at the market in its natural state. Organic food tastes better and
stores better.

Several studies have shown that growing vegetables, fruits and grains organically
provides more healthful nutrients like iron, magnesium, phosphorous, and vitamins,
with fewer harmful nutrients (like nitrates), and no toxic pesticide residues.Organically
grown food is non-GMO. Non-GMO means that the food is in its pure form without any
foreign materials from micro-organisms, animals or other plants.Production of organic food also helps protect the
environment indirectly. It improves the health of the soil and the ecosystem and prevents
air, water and soil pollution.

This is the time to change our growing methods and eating habits. It is the time to
select a healthy diet that will keep us away from diseases and it is the time to keep
our environment safe for us and our future generations.

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