Automate FTP Transfers to Save Many Hours of Work

By: Vladimir Davidenko

If you are in the business of frequently working with files stored on an FTP server, then it is most likely that you already know just how irritating and inefficient the traditional methods are. The regular FTP client certainly does not provide the most efficient method of accessing files on the remote server and updating and synchronizing them as is often required. Fortunately, there is now an alternative in the form of FTPGetter 3 Professional ( ). This allows you to automate FTP transfer jobs instead of using the normal methods with a traditional FTP client. The regular FTP client allows you to access files and replace or delete them as required, but it only provides a very inefficient way of doing this. When all you need to do is upload or download a single file on occasion, the basic FTP client is all you really need. However, if a good part of your job involves working with files stored on an FTP server, you will probably find that automating the process will save you more time than you probably ever imagined possible.

IT administrators and Web masters no longer have to deal with the extremely time-consuming and tedious tasks of FTP transfers when they can fully automate the process using FTPGetter 3 Professional. Even if you only need to keep a handful of files updated, this is something that you barely even need to think about if you use software like this to automate FTP or SFTP transfers. If you have a lot of files to work with, then the traditional methods become completely impractical. If you need to work with lots of files over multiple FTP servers, then you will find that you only have two choices - fork out lots of money to have a team of people doing the work for you or to assist you, or automate the process.

Consider for a moment the whole process that you have to go through when you use a traditional FTP client. Firstly, it is necessary to lo into the server with your user name and password. Most FTP clients will then only allow you to download or upload a single file at a time. If you need to work with lots of files, particularly numerous small ones, this quickly becomes highly unpractical. FTPGetter 3 Professional will, however, allow you to completely do away with these annoyances, allowing you to automate FTP process instead.

FTPGetter 3 Professional presents a wide set of extremely useful time-saving features to make your life as a webmaster or IT specialist much easier. The user interface is simple and innovative and familiar to anyone who has used a traditional FTP client before. The software has many uses in many scenarios and thanks to the built-in task scheduler; it is one of the most versatile of such solutions available. For example, you may choose to configure FTPGetter 3 Professional to automatically check for new file creations or modifications on a daily basis. It can also be configured to search for specific file types or file names. These features can be used to ensure that both files are kept current at all times. Try FTPGetter 3 Professional today and find out how it can improve your business routine!

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FTPGetter 3 Professional helps manage data transfer workflow and automate FTP and SFTP transfer tasks by taking control of uploading and downloading files and folders.

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