Automate FTP Transfers and Take Hours of Work off Your Hands

By: Vladimir Davidenko

Although a great deal of businesses and individuals who regularly work with files over an FTP server still use the traditional methods, it is actually possible to automate FTP transfers. Doing so will save a great deal of time, and we all know just how time-consuming and frustrating it can be to use a traditional FTP client for all FTP-related tasks. Traditional FTP clients are still the dominant solution for dealing with data over an FTP server, but with new solutions such as FTPGetter 3 Professional to automate FTP processes; this is all set to change. A traditional client only allows users to upload and download files one-at-a-time. Obviously, this is a highly inefficient method, although it is adequate if you do not need to regularly update or modify files on an FTP server. If, on the other hand, you spend a great deal of time in your daily working routine dealing with such files, it quickly becomes quite noticeable just how inefficient this method is.

Consider for a moment the process that you need to complete just to update, upload or modify a single file using traditional methods to access your FTP server. A traditional FTP client first requires you to log in to your FTP server. Once you're logged in, you can then only work with one file at a time, making the process extremely inefficient if you have a great deal of work to do. When you have to work with multiple FTP servers, it becomes even more inefficient and time-consuming. It can even get very complicated. These complications can ultimately lead to human error and, when mistakes are made, important data may be lost. To help prevent the loss of important data and to keep files current at all times, you need to automate FTP processes and eliminate the chances of human error.

FTPGetter 3 Professional ( ) is the prime solution to automate FTP transfers and deal with many other FTP- and SFTP-related tasks. Save more time than you could ever think possible by automating the process with one of the industry-leading programs. This is the solution that you've been waiting for, since it will take a ton of work off your hands if you regularly need to keep files monitored and updated over an FTP server. The program is user-friendly and it does not require a great deal of knowledge and expertise to use, so you won't have to rely on your company's IT department all the time. Reliable and efficient, it minimizes the risk of losing important data and it can automatically synchronize files between your computer and the remote server. For example, FTPGetter 3 Professional can be configured to check for file creations and updates and specified intervals. It can ensure that all files are kept current at all times, making sure that no important data is lost.

FTPGetter 3 Professional provides advanced features as well, such as file masks. The interface is reliable and user-friendly and any member of your company's staff should have no problem working with it, regardless of their level of experience.

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FTPGetter 3 Professional helps manage data transfer workflow and automate FTP and SFTP transfer tasks by taking control of uploading and downloading files and folders.

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