Attract More Clients With Article Marketing

By: wendy hearn

Have you ever flipped through Readers Digest and come across one of those helpful “advertising sections” that actually has articles with useful information? You probably read it, didn't you? And when the information helps you out, you appreciate it and are more likely to explore what the company offers as far as products or services.

That's the basic concept of using article marketing to attract new clients to your business, only with modern article marketing it's a little more personal.

The Concept of Article Marketing

The concept behind article marketing is simple: you write an informative article, allow this article to be used in publications both online and offline for free with a credit to you.

The practice of using article marketing is more complex. You need to write the article about something closely associated with your business. It needs to be compelling in topic and clearly answer a question or problem you know that your potential clients experience. And it needs to set you up as the person or company that potential clients go to for the solution, answers to questions they have and for questions they don't even know they should ask.

For instance, suppose you sell model train supplies. There are tons of nifty techniques that can be used to create realistic effects, but lots of people don't know how to use all of them. So you write a Guide to Sand, detailing the types of sand that can be purchased or found in nature and what the wise model builder uses each type for. Clearly, you know what you're talking about, even though this is only a small snippet of your knowledge.

After the article is written, you include at the bottom what's called a resource box. In this box, you put your name, brief details about your business and your website. In the example above, it could be “Find out how you can create amazing model train displays. Maxwell Smart shows you how at his website www. com”

When you write articles in this way, you do several things. First, you're giving customers information for free that they need. Second, you're giving it to someone else to use in their publications, websites or blogs which means that they expose all their fans to your article.

Third, and most important, you are putting your potential clients into a buying mindset. Most people put up a wall when someone is trying to sell them stuff. No way will they be talked into buying products or services. However, when you write articles and “befriend” your potential clients by providing them with good information, you have removed much of that initial resistance. More, you've proven to them that you know what you're talking about and are out for more than just a quick buck. Personal trust is the foundation for good business. That old-fashioned feeling is the key to your success.

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