Aspects of Archiving and Document Management

By: Ronan Pointy

Archive storage is one of the aspects of the mass media. Archives in both electronic and hard copy forms have to be stored for the effective dissemination of news. However the archive storage should be done in proper form to minimize the loss of data. Even the data found in newspapers should be protected for the future reference and the interpretation. Further archive storage is very important for the criminal law and several court cases. On the other hand archive storage is very important for the politicians, scientists, statisticians and several other intellectuals of the society. Therefore archiving is very important for people of every sector.

What are the places where you need a good records management systems and archive storage? It is needed for government, private firms, co-operative and other societies to protect their important data published in reports etc. Further it is more important to the Newspaper companies, Radio and Television channels. Mass media essentially need the archives for their future works and sometimes to face to the cases those are filed against them.

In case of government and private firms the archives and record management is essential when they are discussing for the future plans and to recognize their previous mistakes. Further archiving is one of the best tools for the decision making for future. Archives are very important for the investors going to invest in a particular company. If the archival annual reports of the company do not show an economical growth of the company, investors can abstain investing in that particular company. That is a disadvantage.

Archive and record management are mostly carried out within the business premises for the security reasons. However in case of the disasters like fire almost all the data might get lost. Sometimes rivals allied with the internal employees may steal them. Therefore document safe keeping sometimes undertaken by reputable document management firms. They manage your data for you. However if your firm does not want to go for a separate document management firm, you can keep safes those are fire and water proof. Further the document management also involved with the arrangement of the hard and electronic versions of the documents in order.

What are the forms you can keep your archives? In previous decades they were usually kept as papers. However, now these data is stored in CDs, DVDs, Hard disks, Flash drives, floppy disks etc. Different size floppy disks were common in previous decades. However you can still see the three and half inch size floppy disks. But CD and DVDS, Micro chips are common today. However flash drives are usually used to carry data from one computer to another. But some people use flash drives also as a storage medium. External hard drives are very important because they can be stored externally out of the computer. CDs and DVDs use laser technology for the recording of data while floppy and hard drives use magnetic power for the storage of data.

Good management should there for a better archiving. A good human resource should be there for a proper management of the documents. A good qualified person can arrange each and every archive in order for the future reference.

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