Asbestos and Lung Cancer - Details You Need to Understand

By: Joshua A Harding

For over 100 years asbestos and lung cancer have been partners in cancer. Most people who have contracted mesothelioma had occupations where they have been exposed to and inhaled asbestos dust. Mesothelioma is a kind of cancer which might be either benign or malignant. It's located in the mesothelium which is a thin protective tissue covering most internal organs of the body. The one identified reason behind malignant mesothelioma is a result of the instance of exposure to and breathing of asbestos particles floating in the air.

Mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis, a persistent non-cancerous progressive lung disease, may result from breathing asbestos particles over the long term. Despite the fact that asbestos and lung cancer have had a definite association for many years, new cases of asbestos-induced cancer continue to be diagnosed every year.

Asbestos is most commonly found in the manufacturing, mining, application, or removal of asbestos products. Although asbestos was banned decades ago it still is found in materials that had been manufactured before the ban took place. The chance of developing a progressive lung disease, lung cancer, or malignant mesothelioma is associated with the entire lifetime exposure to asbestos dust.

Asbestos is a group of minerals that are resistant to heat and chemicals. They are fibrous mineral forms of impure magnesium silicate and found in fire-proofing products, electrical insulation, cement, shingles, acoustic and ornamental ceiling or wall plaster, and additional construction products. When microscopic asbestos dust are released into the air resulting from removal, replacing, fixing, or from being disturbed, they might be deeply inhaled into the lung tissue, resulting in mesothelioma, lung cancer, and progressive lung illnesses.

Asbestos seems to promote the production of lung cancer, but is not the actual cause. As soon as asbestos particles are sucked into the lung tissue the body's immune system cells attempt to eradicate them. Unfortunately, the immune cells die which trigger scar tissue to be produced, encircling the lifeless cells. The scar tissue continues to develop until there is an ample quantity to cause a person's lungs to stop working. The chance of developing lung cancer is increased in people who smoke with asbestosis. The chance of developing lung cancer is significantly increased in people who are both heavy smokers and exposed to asbestos particles.

Cancer in the mesothelium is a result of abnormal tissue cells dividing without control. Cancer cells can metastasize, which implies they can invade other tissues which are close to the cancerous area, and distribute via the lymphatic system and bloodstream to different regions of the body. Mesothelial tumors ordinarily grow in the mesothelium of the peritoneum or pleura. Pleura is the thin membrane covering both of the lungs which folds back to make a chest cavity lining. The peritoneum is tissue lining the walls of the belly cavity which wrap around the soft internal organs. Mesothelial tumors of the tissue surrounding the heart are rare.

Mesotheliomas related to asbestos exposure are virtually always fatal within 2 to 4 years from when it is diagnosed. The National Cancer Institute continues to sponsor medical trials, hoping that they may someday result in a cure or at the least new and better treatments.

If there is any threat that somebody might become exposed to asbestos dust, the hazardous product must be removed or encapsulated right away. The asbestos removal cost is well worth the peace of mind you will obtain knowing you are not inhaling this deadly substance.

If you have asbestos cancer, also called mesothelioma, you may go to and obtain a free packet that has details about specific therapies geared to your particular diagnosis. The packet also contains top mesothelioma doctors and cancer centers throughout the nation, in addition to a number of choices for monetary help that may possibly help pay for medical expenses.

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