As a device owner, investing on Mac insurance can be a great way to reduce risks caused by accidents

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You have this recurring nightmare that in the middle of your important report or presentation, or just before you could finish rendering your film or artwork, some force of nature or an indirect accident causes your notebook to get zapped to fatal oblivion. You wake up and find your laptop fine. The next day, that dreaded event. You see the domino dropping: a man’s jug of water or a clumsy fool trampled wires of your computer sending it to disarray and damage or shorting the circuit. Humans can make quick decisions on the worst situations. Sadly, when your Mac dies out, that could mean the end… or should it be the end? Getting a Mac insurance or any other notebook insurance puts the user to a unique position and helps him to easily recover his losses should the claims be proven.

While the MacBook is deemed as a powerful device, the reality is that it is a fragile device that can get damaged. They can be easily stolen, and a glass of water can lead to instant damage. According to experts, 60% of insurance claims are due to laptops getting dropped accidentally. Theft comprises 26% of insurance claims while the rest of claims are due to flood or water damage. For company computers and laptops, usually, they already have Mac insurance or notebook insurance. what about your own laptop? as a regular consumer, here are some guidelines on effectively protecting your laptop.


Your Mac Warranty will vary will vary considerably from other brand warranties. Usually, warranties are limited to 90 days up to 1 year and only cover labor costs and parts. If the hardware you bought was defective and causes the laptop to die unexpectedly, the warranty can effectively manage that for you. however, beyond product defects and malfunctioning hardware parts, the warranty cannot do anything that the Mac insurance can offer. If you want, you can opt for an extended warranty to receive additional coverage for a longer time period. Again, however, any warranty cannot offer beyond manufacturer defects.

Usually, before the person goes to an independent party offering Mac insurance, people go to their home or auto insurance carriers and ask for coverage for their items. usually, the coverage can be very limited but it is not that bad especially if you only add a few dollars on your insurance coverage. if the policy you received is i9nadequate to what you need, then you definitely need notebook insurance. usually, these third party providers offer floaters or riders that you can build up to create a comprehensive coverage for all or most of the risks that could possibly happen in your area. these floaters and riders include coverage for power surges, accidental drops, theft, flood damage, water damage, hurricane damage, fire, lightning, and other disasters.

Usually, these companies allow you to make a request on the amount of coverage that you need based on your budget or insurance requirements. In essence, getting Mac insurance is a very good investment if you want to gain some additional coverage and protection and be able to pay for a replacement laptop without risking your bank account.

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Laptops are modern investments. Therefore, it is ideal to choose the best options to protect them. our notebook insurance solutions are ideal to ensure the safety of your device. Contact us and find out how our Mac insurance can protect your notebook.

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