Article marketing Secrets part 1: How Can you convert your articles into mlm leads?

By: Carina

Article marketing is one of the greatest and most successful options to build a name for yourself, but are you able to get mlm leads from it, are your articles being read?

Well, it is true that a large amount of people donít enjoy to read, however if your article is interesting and well written, in other words solves your potential clients challenge you have a nice possibility to generate leads from it. The main goal of articles is to build up your credibility and enlarge your exposure by offering valuable information.

Here you can check some suggestions that will allow you to increase your conversions.

Create unique content:

Write your own important, useful content; give enough information to your audience on how to solve their difficulty, even if they do not buy from you a single thing.

Create a catchy headline:

It doesnít matter how fantastic your article is if nobody reads it. An captivating title not only will have more possibilities to be clicked on, but it also affects whether your article is republished. Your title has to have the correct keywords and it has to be consistent with the body of your article. Thatís call relevancy.


This is maybe as significant as the actual title, when your prospects find your article in the search engines like google, the only thing they can see is the title and the description, which is the text beneath the clickable link. It has to be clear focus and value driven in order to make your prospects click on it to read the article. It also hast to have the keywords you are targeting.

Keep it short and sweet:

Itís well known in the article marketing industry that the short, 400-600 word articles, generally get the most traffic. People have small attention spans and they want rapid, easily absorbed tidbits, not long in depth quality articles

The goal of your article is to make people click on your signature link. If you have lengthy 1500 word articles, make a 400 word article and offer the rest of the article as ďmoreĒ through link in your signature box another option is just write 3 articles with that content.

Write the article about one specific subject only, address one particular problem or situation that targets one particular keyword. This not only will increase your rankings but also will focus your reader in one specific challenge that can be tied up with your offer in the resource box. A word of warning, if you use your main keyword way too much in the text, not only wonít get good rankings but it will annoy your readers, damaging your lead conversions.

The content should be informative not promotional, people donít want to be sold, they want solutions.

Call to action:

Have a tempting call to action; usually this is done in the resource box. Even the most attractive article wonít get leads if you do not have a good call to action at the bottom. Make sure to make the call to action look as if it were part of the actual article.

You can send people to a landing page where you are addressing the problem you are targeting in your content or to your blog, where your original post was made.

It is important that the call to action has something of value for the reader, a motive for them to click. possibly you offer a free report, free training or something attractive enough for them to click. The offer should address a solution to the specific challenge you are writing about in your content.

Post multiple articles:

Your credibility will increase if people can read many articles with your own original content. This will make your followers more receptive to your articles and make your links more likely to be clicked

Donít be perfect just do it:

You donít have to be a skilledwriter to create good articles and generate leads from it. Just be yourself and get to work.

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Carina Franco continually provides new entrepreneurs with cutting edge strategies to build their online business empire. Article Marketing Secrets reveal the principles behind this strategy to allow you to get conversions. Learn how you can generate 50 leads a day without spending a dime on google,

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