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I recently noticed a new ad has appeared while I do the normal search for Google Adsense. The ad was for being able to make money by submitting articles. Now normally for an internet marketer you would write either a review or have a product you would describe, then put your website address in the author box and hope that the article producers a visit to your site and a sale.

There has to be a better way of giving us authors more for the hard effort of producing up to the minute fresh content for the world wide web. The production of fresh content is the key to most search engine traffic optimisation.

For most search engines thrive on fresh unique content rather than generated RSS feeds and other such easily copied and transmitted content. Having looked into this site I have noticed that it is a fairly new adventure and hope that it goes well for the owners.

I have already listed a number of my current articles on there website which is free to join. I hope that by generating more interest in this site that other larger article sites may sit up and take notice to give authors a better deal in regards to advertising revenue.

At the moment there has been great buzz about the latest Google slap more of a re adjustment than a slap. Some of my sites have gone up some have not the main theme of this latest modification seems to be targeted on those sites producing content via RSS generators with templates backing them up.

Hopefully the more well adjusted and researched sites that I have provided are doing much better by making a large amount of my web material self generated and my own typing and interpretation and opinions then I have managed to produce more quality sites that survive the scraping out sites that Google donít like to see indexed.

The production of good web material Is crucial in surviving as an internet marketer without the ability to produce and generate more targeted content and a understanding of your website visitor then you can reap a more rewarding amount of revenue from Adsense or affiliate network sales.

I started off back in about 2004 working on an alternative income system and now have many articles, websites, blogs and social networking systems all combined to make and squeeze extra income from the internet.

It has taken quite sometime and the amount of absolute rubbish that is published and sold by gurus is astonishing. Most gurus really work by a continuous traffic of emails all trying to coax and extra dollar out of you here and there.

I myself have been a victim of this and Iím very annoyed that these people are being able to reap money from people who are just newbies trying to carve out a living and need help.
I find that this article system that gives back a little more than the standard article publishing websites is definitely a step in the right direction and I hope that you will join in with them and produce better quality articles and get more money for your fresh content.

With more sites being forced into sharing more of the advertising wealth Internet marketers and authors producing new content will have a better future. Please see my referral link in the authors box.

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