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Ares is a peer-to-peer file sharing program which allows user to efficiently and quickly download games, videos, mp3, documents, photos, etc. Ares is extremely dynamic as it simultaneously downloads files from different and multiple locations. Also, the user would not have any problem with its connection break, as they can simply stop and renew downloads.

Ares users enjoy many advantages, these are:

The capacity to manage several search windows simultaneously, very short queues and preview of file even before the download is done.

It includes chat rooms and instant messenger to allow contact amongst users for sharing of interest and keeping in touch.

It has a new interface, similar to Windows XP's media player and it is compatible with Vista. Users may now publish their files through decentralized network.

As a virtual community member, one can search and download any file shared among users. Latest versions of Ares support Shoutcast radio stations and BitTorrent protocol. P2P technology makes it legal to share information. Copyright infringement can result to monetary damages and criminal penalties. Some owners have filed lawsuits against individuals they believe unlawfully distributed their copyrighted files.

P2P software programs let people share information around the globe. It allows users to view and download the contents from each others' folders – including personal information so be sure to take out any personal information you want hidden out of the shared folders. Pay attention to files that you save in or download to shared folder. Do not put information that you are not comfortable in sharing with strangers. Do not put tax, banking, medical, correspondence or other personal files in the shared folder via P2P software program.

Other upgrades and accessories for Ares software programs are Ares Galaxy Turbo Patch, Ares Tube Firefox, Ares Lite Edition, Ares Galaxy FasterDownloads Professional and Ares Gold. Ares Galaxy Turbo Patch is a powerful acceleration for file sharing program. The latest software technology that generates dramatic decrease in downloading time. The addition consumes low resources and the nice interface offers great downloading experience. §This is an essential add-on accessory for Ares and it is free. There are no ads, no spyware, no adware and no trojans bundled.

Ares Tube Firefox is excellent for downloading videos from sites such as Youtube and Google Video. This edition is designed specifically for Mozilla Firefox browser. It is an added feature in the Mozilla's interface for easier video downloads. Just visit the page of the desired video and click on the icon, choose the directory where to save the file and that is it – easy download. It is simple and quick, no complicated functions to make downloading videos possible in just seconds.

Ares Galaxy Faster Downloads Professional is a download-accelerator for Ares Galaxy. This will save precious downloading time by accelerating its speed. It automatically finds more and better sources than regular search engine and optimizes the utilization of bandwidth. Functions also include clearing erroneous and downloaded files, optimizing Internet connection, auto loading on startup, saving configurations and minimizing system tray for faster operation.

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