Are you handling computer disposal cleverly enough?


Are you handling computer disposal cleverly enough?

Tick-tock, tick-tock Ö the clock is ticking on your PC, the technological pace is picking up speed and tomorrow it could very well be obsolete. But what to do with it then?

Computer disposal can be a real business headache. Poorly managed PC disposal not only contributes to environmental damage, it can also compromise your customerís privacy and put security at risk.

But when itís managed well, IT hardware disposal can help reduce your companyís carbon footprint, help protect the environment and help disadvantaged members of the community into the bargain. Itís also required under UK law.

So, read on to discover a clever way to handle all your computer disposal and computer recycling, London to Edinburgh, Cardiff to Cambridge and right across the UK (International readers will need to double check the legal requirements and available facilities for PC recycling in their country).

Why bother with computer recycling?

UK firms are responsible for a significant proportion of the 1,000,000 tonnes of electric equipment dumped into the countryís landfills each year.

Growing volumes of IT hardware disposal, PC disposal, laptop disposal, server disposal and other electronic waste leads to an accumulation of dangerous chemical waste in landfills; compromising the planet, our soil and even our water supply.
Thatís one compelling motivation to recycle, but here are five more reasons to get your company into computer recycling:
1. UK businesses are now required by the Waste Electric and Electric Equipment Directive (the WEEE Directive) to re-use, recycle and treat electric waste safely
2. Recycling actually helps the economy by creating lots of new jobs
3. Re-using or recycling computers helps improve your businessesí carbon footprint
4. Itís a great way to make computers available to those who may not be able to afford them
5. Itís easy to do! Read on to find out how to prevent unnecessary PC disposal
How to recycle the clever way - computer recycling services
A professional recycling service will take care of PC disposal safely for you, recondition your PCs to donate to charity and keep your electronic waste completely away from the landfill.
However you must use a well established and ethical company who will guarantee to wipe all sensitive data, passwords and confidential information from your hard drives. BBC investigators were able to buy recycled computers for £20 in Nigeria with private details about their original owner still on the hard drives.
Specialist firms like leading firm PHS Datashred offer ethical and 100% secure computer recycling, London and nationwide. They manually dissemble all your hardware so all confidential information is destroyed and then they re-use or recycle every component so none of it ends up in a landfill either in the UK or abroad.
What gets recycled?
The professionals can strip down every piece of IT hardware to its bare bones for recycling, so nothing is wasted and almost all can be re-used:
ē Laptop disposal: microprocessors, hard drives, cables and batteries
ē Server disposal: chips, circuit boards, mother boards and all plastic casings
ē Computer disposal: keyboards, software, monitors and video cards
ē IT hardware disposal: cables, wire, hard drives, printers, printer heads, modems, scanners and associated hardware
ē CRT disposal: cathode ray tubes

And itís not just IT equipment; TVs, DVD players, faxes, phones and photocopiers can all be kept out of the landfill with a little forethought and a little help from the experts. Check out the link below for more information.
Please visit: for more information on ethical, environmentally friendly IT hardware disposal and computer recycling, London and nationwide.

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