Are you following up Effectively?

By: sanjaay

First create a headline for your follow up letter
Put yourself in your readers shoes would you
click on it if it was in your inbox along with some
other newsletters your reader may have signed up for
If you would then go with it and make sure that it is
easy to understand and yet enticing enough to get a click
An effective follow up letter is the one that is written
from first hand I,e if you have tried the product
it would be easier for you to recommend it, because
you would know all the benefits of it
So, in your follow up letter tell your readers how it
helped you and how it can help them, too. If you
are promoting your own product it is even better, because
you already know how others can benefit from it
Remember, people always look for solutions to their
problems and want to feel better
After you have explained all the benefits of the
product place a link to your site if it is your own
product, or to your merchants site if your are promoting
an affiliate product, warmly recommending them to click
on the link
Keep your letter to the point, it is important that your
reader gets the message that you are trying to deliver
Avoid your follow up letter from being too long, because
it might exhaust your reader and they might give up
before they reach the end
Whatever you promote in your follow up letter it should
in some way pertain to your business, so that your
readers do not get confused when they read your message
Once you have written it, read it yourself first and
have your friends read it too. If you are satisfied with
it set it to your auto responder and fire it to your
subscribers. If it is not, then it probably needs some
more tweaking before it goes out to your list
Your list will become an unlimited marketing source
that you can sell your products to over and again
So, make sure that you have a reliable autoresponder
that ensures that your messages are delivered to your
Last word of advice

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