Are you feeling tired for no apparent reason?

By: Simone Manja

Toxins and poisons are all over in our modern society. These toxins construct up in our bodies over time. Toxins and waste build up in your colon just like they do in the tubes of your home. Both need prompt attention or the events can be fatal. Toxin accumulation in the body also decelerates down the metabolic process. Weight loss will become increasingly tough when the metabolous rate is low.

The colon is a fundamental organ for freeing toxic waste from the body that may otherwise result to several diseases. Extinguishing body waste effectively is imperative for health, vitality, sustaining an ideal body weight and ensuring healthy, clear skin.

An general person can accumulate up to 6 kgs of toxic crust in their colon. Consequently, some people may have a bulging tummy despite not being fat or overweight.

Toxins from the colon will travel to the energy glands of the body (the thyroid and the adrenal glands) and slow them down immensely. As soon as this happens, you will gradually start to suffer the pep and vitality you had in your youth. Toxins in the colon can induce health problems for some people as they develop over time, even when people have regular bowel movements. Toxins can be passed into the bloodstream the same way that the nutrients are. Those toxins can innovate disease into our good body.

It is much thought that if you are moving your bowels regularly, your colon must be in complete condition. Wrong! It has been tested that even if you're not constipated, you can still suffer from a toxic colon!

So, what precisely induces a toxic colon? As food runs through the intestines, bits of it continues and turns into decomposing waste that sticks to the intestinal wall. As this putrefaction accumulates over time, it gradually turns into persistent mucus-like plaque, which sticks like a harden crust, onto your colon - level by level, until it narrows your colon and blocks the soaking up of nutrients from your food. This serves as a "breeding ground" for numerous health-robbing micro-organism. As it decays and putrefies, waste matter releases toxins and deadly gases that ooze into your blood. When your colon is contaminated, so is your blood! You can never be really healthy when your colon contains increased waste.

Symptoms of a toxic colon can be head aches, indigestion, flatulency, aches and pains, foul breath, skin troubles, and that fatigued old feeling, to name a few.

Unless you clean out the colon, you can never prevent the many health troubles that can shorten your life or make your senior years a miserable time, and will never recover vivid health. To clean out the colon, you must first, move your bowels daily, preferably twice. Unless they know why this is occurring, the problem will continue to grow.

A healthier alternative is to apply probiotics along with natural enzymes. This method has been proven to work wonders in getting rid of toxic incrustation and reestablishing health, without being too harsh on the colon.

- Enzymes break down stubborn incrustation that is stuck on the walls of the colon.
- Probiotics or friendly bacteria reach deep into the intestinal "pockets" to remove the accumulated waste and relieve constipation. They form the first line of defense against damaging micro-organism in our bodies, inhibiting the development of damaging disease-causing bacteria.
- Aids to ease constipation and normalize bowel movement. Also improves the gastrointestinal function so that body waste can be eliminated more effectively.
- Assists to ease symptoms of toxic colon as TummyTrimm prevents toxins from polluting our body by effectively extinguishing waste from the intestines.

"Death begins in the colon", but so does life. So, to relish truly healthy life, ensure that your colon is free from encrustation!

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