Are nutritional supplements good for children?

By: Angela Giles

There is nothing more joyous than watching children play. When we play with them, we also become like children. Therefore, we are afraid when they contract some illness even if it is as minor as a common cold. Children do not have a strong defense system against many diseases and need a lot of preventive care. One of the major causes of concern is deficiency in nutrition.
During childhood, growth happens rapidly. As the body gains in weight, it requires more quantities of nutrients. Since there is no storehouse of nutrients in children, they must be supplied with a regular dose. Just like an adult, children also need carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins, fiber and fats. They might need a lesser amount but that depends on their age.
Proper nutrition is essential for the normal development of bones, muscles, organs and nerves. It serves to sustain a normal weight, stimulates learning, shapes behavior and fights diseases. Proper nutrition also generates the energy required for all the physical work.
Diet in modern times consists of various types of snacks, convenience foods and fast food items. These foods do not contain the nutrients that are required by growing children. But the sad fact is that a large percentage of children do not like anything but this food. Nutritional deficiency then becomes a common complaint of many such children.
One major deficiency is that of zinc. Its deficiency causes stunted physical growth as well as impairment of mental functions causing illnesses like dyslexia. This is because our diet is unable to provide the body with adequate amounts of zinc.
Vitamin A deficiency can lead to eye problems like night blindness and a general feeling of tiredness, joint pain, weight loss and memory loss. Vitamin B deficiency causes mental problems like stress and depression. Vitamin C plays an important role in the health of the skin and hair while Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption by bones.
One solution to nutrition deficiency is additional supplementation of minerals and vitamins. Such supplementation is quite common for adults and therefore many physicians advise their consumption for children as well. Studies in nutritional supplements have proved them to be beneficial for the development of learning capabilities in children.
Choosing the right vitamin supplement for your child is very important. You might want to consider Usanimals which are scientifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of children below 12 years. They contain a rich dose of Vitamin E and C, which are also well known antioxidants. Children love their fun animal shaped tablets with a wild berry flavor. Usanimals is a product of Usana Health Sciences.

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