Are You Tired of Wasting Money on CAD License and Renewals?

By: Mauro Corbo

Are You Tired of Wasting Money on CAD License and Renewals?
CtrlCAD is the Answer!
Pay Only $20 to Get a Personal/Business CAD License, Free Monthly Updates for a 1-Year Subscriptions & Annual Renewal for Only $10!

CtrlCAD is a fascinating 2d CAD for engineers and architects. The use of CtrlCAD are expanding daily. Take a closer look at how various industries are using the benefits of CtrlCAD in their businesses.
CtrlCAD is not only a generic low-cost CAD but also Vertical Applications for Industrial Automation, Engineering and Resource Management.

Engineers, architects, designers, builders, electrical companies and contractors - these are the individuals and establishments who usually require a software like AutoCAD for the line of work that they have. As the name implies, AutoCAD is an automatic computer-aided design software application which is suitable for 2D and 3D design and drafting. Since its inception in 1982, AutoCAD and CAD programs in general received a warm reception from the design industry in all parts of the world.

The problem, however, are the costs involved. Let's take AutoCAD's latest software product as an example. The full AutoCAD software runs for about US$4,000 while a more limited software version called AutoCAD LT costs about $1,200. AutoCAD LT is an entry-level CAD Package which is suitable for professionals who only need 2D functionality when completing a design.

Now, if you are looking for a CAD alternative that will not set you back about $100 a month for the licensing renewal, how about using a "true AutoCAD alternative"? That is exactly what you will get to have with the CtrlCAD software, your ultimate plug-and-CAD solution! Read on to find out more about it.

The True Alternative to AutoCAD: CtrlCAD

One of the most common problems that designers encounter with the traditional CAD software brands - aside from the fact that they are quite expensive - is the fact that you need to work only on a particular desktop computer or laptop where the software is installed.

With the revolutionary software called CtrlCAD, you can get to enjoy the ultimate plug-and-CAD solution because it allows users to install the software on a USB PenDrive Stick. What does this mean for you as a designer? How about the fact that you can take your work along with you wherever you go? Even if you can't find a computer with a previously installed AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT software, you can still work on your building or architectural drawings (dxf or dwg) by opting for CtrlCAD instead.

The flexibility and portability offered by the CtrlCAD design software means that you can open a .dwg or drawing file format anywhere and edit it. This is a perfect solution for designers who are always on the go.

Still not convinced? Take a look at more reasons why you should choose CtrlCAD over the traditional 2D or 3D CAD software brands available in the market today:
- CAD software can be installed on a PenDrive stick USB.
- Software is authored by Mauro Corbo, an Italian structural engineer.
- Suitable for Windows operating system
- Opening, editing and saving of dxf/.dwg files is fast and easy.

Meanwhile, the technical specifications of CtrlCAD include the following:
- Command window to insert commands
- Edit operations: Copy, Move, Rotate, Scale, Mirror, Array,Explode, Erase, Join
- Graphics entities: Points, Lines, Polylines, Circles, Arcs, Ellipses, Rectangles, Text, Block insertions, Raster Images, Hatches
- Layers and blocks management
- Layouts, Layers, Linetypes, Blocks,TextStyles, PointStyles and Selection Sets
- Mouse Wheel supports real-time Zoom and Pan
- Print Preview
- Single objects can be edited by moving their control points (grips)
- Supports Windows TTF fonts as AutoCAD SHP fonts
- Supports AutoCAD hatch patterns (PAT) and linetypes (LIN)
- Supported formats: AutoCAD DWG/ DXF from 13 until 2009 version
- Unlimited Undo-Redo
- Various type of Zoom capabilities allowing you to view the entire drawing or any desired part

Future Updates & October 2009 Release Implementations

CtrlCAD, the true alternative to AutoCAD is looking for investors to sponsor the 3D solid modeler. As such, you can rest assured that a more affordable yet equally efficient CAD software that will let you design 3D models will be made available soon.

If you are a developer, expect the CtrlCAD OCX version to hit the market real soon. This can be used with applications written in popular Visual IDE languages such as Visual Basic, Delphi, C++, Builder and Visual C++. CtrlCAD OCX can serve as a building block or developers to create their own CAD, with more than 1,000 functions which are well-documented and have lots of samples.

By the end of October 2009 :
* CtrlCAD versions for Linux and Mac operating systems will be made available.
* Boolean operations between polygons
* Print styles using .CTB and .STB file
* Multi-line styles
* Vectorization of raster images will also be made available for CtrlCAD users.

So what are you waiting for? Visit now to learn more about what CtrlCAD has to offer. At a fraction of the price, you can never find a CAD software which offers the same efficiency and design functionality as CtrlCAD, your true alternative to AutoCAD!

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Mauro Corbo was born in Avellino(Italy) in 1963. He received a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Civil Engineering from the Bologna University in 1989. He began his career as engineer,with special skills in steel structures design and VC++ Programming

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