Are You Shopping Green and Saving Money?

By: Jill Spencer

The environment is on many people's minds these days. We are beginning to realize that even the small choices we make can have a lasting effect on our planet. However, many people these days are also concerned with saving money. How can we do both, be green and save money?
One of the easiest things you can do is to start bringing your own reusable bags. Many people are starting to do this now as most stores are now offering reusable bags. Plastic bags are one of the worst things for our planet. They are meant to be used for a very short period of time yet they can remain in the waste system for 1000 years or more because they do not biodegrade in the natural environment.
Many stores have recycling bins for plastic bags; however, plastic has a very low recycling rate. Plastic kills thousands and thousands of marine birds, mammals and it is a deep danger to our oceans, lakes and waterways. It is best to try to eliminate the use of plastic as much as you can and you really don't need plastic bags. Just remember to bring your own.
Another thing to take into consideration as you shop green is purchasing things in bulk. If you will use the products you buy in bulk you will save money and save the environment. Larger packages use less plastic than single use items of the same product. Makes sense to buy the larger package if you are going to use it plus it is usually more inexpensive to do so.
You can also try to buy recycled products. Most paper towels are made from virgin wood. That means that trees were cut down and used to make a product that you use to dry your hands. Is that really necessary? There are a few recycled paper towel products that work just as well as other paper towels but they are made from recycled paper. It is something to think about.
Use your computer to your benefit to shop green. Check out sales and plan your shopping by visiting websites first rather than driving in your car. You will end up saving gas, time, money and the environment.
Coupons are a great way to save some money but consider where you get your coupons. If the New York Times Sunday edition was printed on recycled paper it would save over 75000 trees each week and 3,900,000 trees every year. And that is only one newspaper! There are millions printed across the United States. You can find all of your coupons online and print out only the ones that you need (on recycled paper, of course) or even better just use the coupon codes and forego the printing.
Be conscious of your shopping decisions and how they affect our environment, because after all, we all live and love on Planet Earth.

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Saving money by using grocery coupons is a great strategy. Jill Spencer has found this out firsthand.

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