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By: kristiambrose

Ah the great thing about the net is that you can find variety, convenience and price - all on one site! I'm a music lover myself, so I am always looking for new music genres and on new sites where I can buy my music' have it be a CD or a download. Recently I started looking for some reggae and riddim music. Riddim is actually a pretty interesting "sound" if you ever get the chance to listen to it! A riddim is an instrumental version of a song, which applies to Jamaican music or other forms of Caribbean music. Riddims usually consist of a drum pattern and a prominent bass line. The Jamaican Patois term riddim is derived from the English word "rhythm."

Riddims are the instrumental backgrounds of reggae, lovers rock, dub, ragga, dancehall, and sometimes ragga-soca compositions. You may have even heard it before and didn't know what it was called - but now you do! The sites I found had ALL kinds of genres - depending on the site you visit obviously. But the one site I found had reggae, dancehall, mixtape and riddim music options. The prices were pretty outrageous as well. Hey, I love music as much as the next person, but sometimes these Cd's and downloads can get expensive! So if you can find an affordable site that has products such as:

- Stone Love - Weddy Weddy

- Cash Money - Dub Mix

- DJ Rondon - Dancehall Reggae 58

- Dj Kenny - Eva Hype Vol 5

- Passa Passa - Aniversary 2009

You better get your hands on them really quick. This is GOOD stuff. Now depending on what you like - you will either go to a store that has Cd's you can buy or you will find a site that has downloads. Frankly, I like the download option. This is going to allow me to place it on my computer, it's going to allow me to place it on my iPod or MP3 player AND it's going to allow me to make my own Cd's if I so chose to do. Plus, the downloads seem to be a lot less expensive than the Cd's. The site I found above that offered all this terrific music had FULL CD downloads for less than $3.00! That's a pretty fabulous price if you ask me. And by the way these downloads are FULL downloads.

Meaning if you get something like the Xxxclusive Remixes Single Vol 20 you won't get just one song. You will get however many songs was on the original which in this case is a full 21 songs including songs like; Beenieman - Gimmie Gimmie, Chino Ft Di Genius - Protected and Busta Rhymes Ft Kartel - Kill Dem. Also, as you can see this IS music you have heard of before - or should have heard of before. If not, then maybe you should check these sites out just to broaden your music horizon!

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