Are Vertical Blinds Right For You? Or Are Horizontal Blinds the Right Choice?

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Choosing the right blinds or shutters for your home can be difficult, especially in todayís society when there are so many different styles and varieties available. One of the biggest choices you will need to make will be whether you wish to have vertical blinds or horizontal blinds. Before knowing exactly what you need, itís important you examine the features of each different blind style and then make the window covering choice that is right for you.

Letís start by taking a look at Vertical Blinds.

Generally, vertical blinds are mostly comprised of fabric panels which overlap. These panels are are then operated with a sliding track, chain and a cord. The wheeled sliding track allows you to open and close the panels completely with the cord while the chain will often tilt the panels, and therefore opening the blinds while keeping them in front of the window. The fabrics used in vertical blinds are often synthetic fabric which can be treated for UV resistance. One of the great things about these blinds, due to the fabric used, is the wide variety of colours and textures available. The vertical blinds can also be automated to make things more convenient for you. The use of vertical blinds is often more common for large window expanses like over patio windows or doors. The relatively light construction makes the blinds easy to open over these areas. The compatibility of these blinds also makes it ideal for these large windows and door as the panels compress into a sandwich type arrangement when open. This will help to maximise light and view.

Now letís take a look at horizontal blinds.

Horizontal blinds are known to be the most common blind type. They come in a variety of styles and materials making them ideal for many different rooms. Within the horizontal blinds, the most widely known blind would probably be the venetian blind. These blinds are made of a system of parallel panels or blades which articulate on a series of cables. Blades can be adjusted with the use of a tilt rod. This will allow you to choose how much light you wish to allow into the room while also keeping privacy in mind. You can also opt to raise the entire blind with a cord. This cord has a locking mechanism if you wish to open the blinds only half way. You can purchase horizontal blinds in a range of materials including timber, PVC and aluminium.

So, how do vertical and horizontal blinds compete with each other?

The biggest weak point of horizontal blinds is that they can be too heavy for a large window or patio door if you wish to cover the entire thing. This will often require the use of two separate blinds which is not always convenient or aesthetically pleasing. In these cases, vertical blinds are the more practical solution. However, when it comes to versatility the horizontal blinds come in a wider range of colours and styles. This means that you have more options to choose from and a higher chance of finding the right window blinds to match the rest of your house hold decorating and your furniture.

Itís important to look at the pros and cons of each different blind style before choosing which one is right for you. You may wish to visit your local blind supplier to view their range of blinds and shutters. You should then be able to find the right fit for your home.

Nobody can make the choice for you when it comes to choosing blinds for your own home. You know your style and you know what you want. In the end it is you who has to live with the choice you make and see it every day so make sure you take your time in choosing what is right. Just because something works in one house for a friend does not mean it will be the perfect choice for your own home. You may also wish to think about the options of colours. Some blinds will come in a range of colours which can make choosing your blinds a lot easier. If a particular style of blinds only comes in limited colours and none of these match your own style and colour scheme in your home, these blinds may not be the choice for you. You may also wish to have a different style of blinds in different rooms. This may seem like a strange idea at first but each room could have itís own personality and sometimes the rooms need a different style blind. You could mix and match horizontal and vertical blinds in your home and still make it look right.

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