Are These Speed Reading Software Delivering On Promise

By: Wordsworth White

A good number of speed reading software advertised on various websites claim to help readers read faster, improve comprehension, and increase productivity at workplaces. The promoters even claim that their products can:

* Assess reading levels and identify lacunae

* Vastly improve online and offline reading speed while concurrently increasing grasp of what is read

* Help people with challenges such as dyslexia, vision deficiency, and ADD/ADHD.

The benefits look very inviting indeed. If all these claims are true, the Best Speed Reading Software on the net has the potential to vastly transform even dull and laggards into champions in their profession. The reality can be different and considerably far from what promoters advertise. Yes, some speed reading techniques, if properly applied, can make you read faster and enhance grasp too. Most of these techniques teach you to prioritize your reading, glance through the material first, and isolate stuff that is important by filtering out the redundant and by having a flexible reading speed to improve comprehension. These standard techniques have been doled out by speed reading experts over the past many years. We can even presume that an experienced and clever reader on his own improves his or her reading speed by intrinsically adopting techniques that help.

Hitherto before the arrival of online marketing and e-learning, speed reading courses were confined to classroom tutorials. These courses were targeted mainly to academics, which primarily needed assistance in improving their reading skills to better their academic performance. The tutors who ran these courses adopted methods that were not entirely unheard of, just that they streamlined proved techniques in a structured way so that the course progressively helps learners enhance their reading speed as well as comprehension.

Yet, we cannot entirely ignore speed reading software. The online learning revolution has brought with it innovative methods to tutor various skills by novel approaches that were absent earlier. Use of multimedia can keep the learner focused on the key points. In addition, the learning process is flexible, allowing the student to choose any convenient time. Therefore, we cannot brush aside all claims made by the promoters of speed reading software. Some Best Speed Reading Software probably has some effective techniques that help learners to:

* Focus their mindset in such a way so that distractions are removed

* Position themselves properly during reading

* Reduce subvocalization to enhance speed

* Broaden focus on the reading material

* Reduce regression or rereading

Innovative graphic displays, powerful multimedia, and effective interactive methods can have a beneficial impact more pronounced than regular classroom course. We would still need to be doubly sure as to how even the Best Speed Reading Software has addressed such issues as enhancement of comprehension. Genuine feedbacks on the efficacy of the Best Speed Reading Software are still sparse if not absent altogether.

Even then, assuming that online learning techniques are still evolving, we can safely presuppose with cautious optimism that at least some best speed reading software has delivered good results to learners. With time, we may well see more and more effective speed reading software doing the rounds, hopefully with success in this competitive market.

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