Are There Cod Liver Oil Benefits?

By: Peter Bertonich

For quite some years it has been accepted wisdom that cod liver oil is good for you. Maybe it was your grandmother who first told you about the benefits of cod liver oil.
So is it really true that there are benefits to taking cod liver oil or is it just a myth, and are there risks to cod liver oil supplementation?
Yes in fact your grandmother wasn't wrong, there really are benefits to taking cod liver oil, and science has now confirmed it.
The main benefits of cod liver oil are from the Omega 3 fats that are found in it. And you are probably very aware now that there are a wide range of health benefits to taking more Omega 3 fats into your diet.
And as well as Omega 3 fatty acids, cod liver oil has a range of vitamins in it. Vitamins D and A for example. Now vitamin D has a role in processing calcium in our body, so that's good and can help combat osteoporosis.
However there is now some question over how much Vitamin A should be taken. And as there is quite a lot of vitamin A in cod liver oil there are risks of over consumption of vitamin A. For example in the US pregnant women are now advised to avoid vitamin A and this includes cod liver oil. Cod liver oil is not recommended in the UK.
So as well as cod liver oil benefits there are risks too. Yes it's got good Omega 3 fats, but vitamin A is a bit of an issue.
And there is another risk to taking cod liver oil supplements. It is, as the name suggests, sourced from the livers of cod fish taken from the North Sea. Unfortunately there are issues associated with contamination of fish with various contaminants, including heavy metals, PCBs and mercury. Although levels are not high they are sufficient to be worrying. And the liver accumulates more of these toxins.
Whilst these contaminants werent a problem in your grandmothers time, they are now.
But you can get the benefits of cod liver oil without the risks. Take the best Omega 3 supplements which are free of contaminants and also free of vitamin A.
If you do need vitamin A or D supplementation it is quite possible to achieve this through a good vitamin supplement delivering regulated and lower levels.
And the very best Omega 3 supplements are also much cleaner than cod liver oil may be, with levels of contaminants being basically undetectable.
So yes, there are benefits to taking cod liver oil, but there may also be risks. You can get the benefits of taking cod liver oil supplements by taking the best Omega 3 supplements, without the risks.Your grandmother was right, in her day taking cod liver oil was a good idea. Nowadays theres still benefits to the Omega 3 fats, theres just better ways to get them.
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