Are There Any Benefits Of Flaxseed Oil Supplements?

By: Peter Bertonach

There are three different omega 3 acids. The most beneficial omega 3 acid to the body is called DHA and this along with another major Omega 3 acid called EPA are the two main important polyunsaturated omega-3 acids essential for human development.
As well as DHA a there is also another Omega 3 acid called EPA, or Eicosapentaenoic acid. Both EPA and DHA are found in fish oil capsules, and that is the reason why they are so good for our health.
But these 2 are not the only Omega 3 fats. There's also some plant based Omega 3 fats. ALA, or Alpha-linolenic acid, is an Omega fat that is found in plants and particularly in flaxseeds. So the benefits of flax seed oil are often promoted along with the benefits of fish oil.
So let's see if there are any health benefits of flax seed oil and see whether there are good reasons to take flaxseed oil supplements. It is not only in flax seeds that you find ALA, but that is the most commonplace. You can also find ALA in other plant foods such as walnuts. However ALA is most common in flax seeds and that is why flax seed supplements are the major plant-based Omega 3 fatty acid supplement.
The main benefit of flax seed oil supplements is in the ability of the human body can change the ALA into DHA and EPA. The ALA cannot be used directly by the body but the body can convert it into DHA and EPA.
The difference between DHA, EPA and ALA lies in their carbon bonds. For various highly chemical reasons the body can make use of DHA and EPA directly, but cannot make use of ALA. However the body is able to convert ALA into DHA and EPA.
ALA itself has not been shown to have the health benefits of the other 2 Omega fats.
Therefore, it would seem that the health benefits of flax are in the ability of the body to convert ALA to either of the other two omega 3 fats. However, unfortunately, the body is not very good at this conversion, and only a small amount of ALA is actually converted. Now if you took lots of flax seed oil you could get plenty of good Omega three polyunsaturated fats.
But it is better value and more efficient to get the right healthy omega three fatty acids directly from taking fish oil supplements than it is to get them from taking flax seed oil supplements. This will give you better value for money buying your Omega3 supplements.
However there are people who see an advantage of using flax seed oil capsules. For example vegetarians who would not eat fish are unable to take fish oil supplements. So should they be taking flax seed oil capsules?
Vegetarians should be taking some form of omega-3 supplementation and if they cannot take fish oil supplements they can get their essential fatty acids from flax seed oil supplements.
However there are also vegetarian Omega 3 supplements available from marine sources that don't have any fish oil. Actually the Omega 3 fats found in fish oil are there from what the fish eats. Fish eat, amongst other things, microalgea and it's from these that the Omega 3 fats are sourced.
So it is possible to get vegetarian Omega three capsules that our marine-based not land plant based.
Concluding my article about the benefits of flax seed oil is quite clear that there are benefits from taking flax seed oil supplements however these benefits are much less than the benefits of taking fish oil supplements. The benefits of flax seed oil come from the ability of the human body to convert a plant-based Omega three fats into a marine-based Omega three fat.
By all means eat plenty of flax seeds but taking flax seed oil supplements is not as good value as taking the best fish oil supplements unless you happen to be a vegetarian.
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