Are The Side Effects Of Accutane Really Worth It?

By: Felix G. Schmieder

Many people across the world today are all dealing with severe acne problems and they're wondering if the side effects of accutane are worth it.  Many will happily say yes as these roaccutane side effects generally aren't permanent and it's a small price to pay to finally have clear skin.
As far as an acne cure treatment goes, Accutane is really a last resort, however.  Doctors are very hesitant to put people on the treatment because of the possibility of complications.  You even have to submit a regular blood test to ensure you aren't experiencing organ failure!  Now this doesn't normally happen, but there are still some other roaccutane side effects that are permanent and can cause lasting damage.
For instance, severe pain in the lower back and joints, vision and hearing problems, permanent migraines and rashes and it has even been linked to teen suicide.  That's a pretty hefty price tag to be paying to have clear skin.  The unfortunate thing about it is that a lot of people think that they have to pay these side effects of accutane in order to finally have a severe acne cure that will clear them.
The truth of the matter is there is a way to experience completely clear skin, no matter how bad your acne is, completely naturally without using any typical acne cure treatment products.  No more dry, flaky skin from benzoly peroxide, no more worrying about roaccutane side effects, you won't even need to use a moisturizer after going on this severe acne cure.
So what is it?  Well, acne begins inside of the body; it's not truly a skin condition but rather a reaction to things that happen inside of our bodies.  Our body has become overwhelmed with all the toxins from the process junk that is in our diets.  Even so called healthy items such as dairy are bad for us because it's both indigestible to humans and it also has acceptable levels of toxins, hormones and even blood and pus in it.  I don't know about you, but none of that is acceptable to me!
The only way to clear away your acne is to stop eating these toxins and allow your body to heal itself naturally; it's pretty amazing at doing that.  We just need to give it a hand.  Doing things like eating a lot more fruits and vegetables is the only severe acne cure that will actually work.  For breakfast, try eating a mix of fruits like 1 apple, 1 orange, 1 banana and some grapes.  For lunch, try to eat something that is very vegetable/fruit heavy and then for dinner, you're free to eat mostly whatever you want, but try to keep it decently healthy.  On top of this, drink lots of water everyday to help flush your system.
This is the only acne cure treatment that works because it brings your body back into balance and allows it to heal the real problem.  The side effects of accutane aren't worth it in the least bit because you simply don't ever have to deal with them to get clear skin.

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While accutane is good for clearing up acne, there is no guarantee that it's permanent and the side effects of accutane can be pretty serious. There's no need for you to submit yourself to these roaccutane side effects. You can completely cure yourself of all your acne problems in a completely natural way that will last forever.

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