Are Resistance Bands Worth The Money

By: kozakjoshua

Are you going away on vacation and need a fast and easy way to get a great workout in? Or do you want to take a new angle and approach on resistance training, and loose the dumbbells? Look no further than working out with resistance bands! Resistance bands have been around for quite a while now, although many fitness fanatics and bodybuilders are a bit hesitant to actually using them. If you are one of those exercisers who refrain from using these helpful bands in your training and working out, then maybe it's time to take a new approach!

What separates bands from free weights? Unlike free weights, resistance bands provide you with constant tension on the muscle - which is impossible with the use of dumbbells or barbells. This allows the exerciser to really concentrate on both the concentric (lifting portion) and eccentric (lowering portion) of the movement.

The muscle in which you are actually working shortens during the concentric process of a movement and lengthens during the eccentric phase of a particular movement. Many people that are lifting completely neglect the eccentric process of a particular movement.

What is the difference? Our body is made up of many different muscle groups and every person has a particular composition of muscle tissue in their body. For example, most lifters are performing barbell curl which is standard; they frequently lift the weight up explosively and lower it back down at a very fast rate.

As far as i know, weight training is meant to recruit and stimulate as much muscle fibers as possible. Don't expect a great deal from lifting that way. With the use of resistance bands, the muscle is provided with constant tension and the concentric phase and eccentric phase of the movement is controlled a lot more. This is a completely new challenge for the muscles, and then your muscles will be forced to adapt.

Resistance bands will elongate and strengthen the muscle fibers. Also they will increase your flexibility. Resistance bands will stimulate the muscles in such a way that is impossible to do using free weights by allowing you to perform much more controlled movements, keep constant tension on the muscles, and really emphasize on the concentric and eccentric portions of the movement.

Resistance bands are worth a lot of money. While you’re on vacation or the gym hour’s aren’t flexible to you, or you just can't get a workout in for whatever reason, alternative you can work out with resistance bands and train the muscles! Whenever I can’t make it to the gym, I always take my resistance bands with me so then I can be sure to get a great workout in. the bands sell at quite a reasonable price too, so there really is NO reason why you wouldn't want to purchase some bands if you're always on the move or struggle to find time, or if you're searching for a great way to exercise and stimulate those muscle fibers!

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