Are Pricey Vitamins Better Than Cheap Ones?

By: Macris Sparks

Our bodies maintain their bodily functions by extracting the vitamins we get from food. Thirteen different essential vitamins are needed by our body, some are fat soluble which can penetrate the fatty cells and some are water soluble. Production of hormones and regulating the functions of our organs are just some examples that require vitamins.
Most vitamins can be found in vegetables and fruit and the content varies from each other. Some foods just have more vitamins than others like the goji berry and acai berry. Other fruit which also have high vitamin contents are mangosteen, pomegranate and blueberries.
The daily vitamin requirement that our body needs can be ingested from fruits and vegetable. However, some people do not have the opportunity to take these kind of food daily. In this case, these people should take their vitamins through supplements.
Your doctor can guide you as to what vitamin supplements to take as he should know your health condition. The government does not regulate vitamin supplements because they are classified as food products not drugs. Nevertheless it is always wise to consult your doctor as to what vitamin supplement may be suited for you. Taking too much of a certain vitamin and less of the vitamin you may need may hurt instead of benefiting you.
Buying a high quality vitamin is also very important. Since there are no regulations on vitamins, each producer has its own formula for its products. Consult your doctor to find out what vitamins you may require so that he can make recommendations as to what vitamin supplement to buy. Usually the higher priced brands have higher quality than the cheaper ones. But if the contents are very similar and the required strength of specific vitamin is satisfied, you may first try the cheaper ones and see the effect.
When you?re in the pharmacy facing a wall, which one should you select? For a start, look at the specific brands your doctor recommends, because these will be the brands that are proven to work and safe to use. However, your doctor may know of more than one safe brand of vitamin supplement. If so, it is up to you to use the one that is right for your budget.
The label is very important because it will tell you how strong the vitamin supplements are and give you directions on how to take them. Some vitamin supplements come with special instructions. Remember to follow them all very carefully to keep your body healthy and safe. High quality supplements comes with all of the directions you need to take the vitamin. If there are no directions clearly printed on the supplement bottle, you should purchase another brand. Also remember that price comes with quality. Higher quality supplements may have higher prices, but in the end they may be the wisest choice for your body.
If for some reason you are unable to eat fruits and vegetables daily, the wise thing to do is to take vitamin supplements so as to give your body the sustenance it needs. Our wellness can get us through the challenges of our day to day lives. Let?s give our bodies the nutrition it needs.

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