Are Physic Readings For You?

By: Keld Degge

A psychic reader can, whether you visit her or him online or face to face, perform the reading or clairvoyance in many different ways. For that reason, there are many different kinds of information the clairvoyant may receive, and as a consequence the client may receive information in many different areas:
If we imagine a clairvoyant or psychic who works alone from his or her intuition, it will never be "pure" psychic reading (clairvoyance), for his or here personally will always have a too large factor with respect to the information obtained. We imagine that the clairvoyant gets the information from the same inspiration as artists, and thus they move their consciousness towards the higher worlds, where the personality is completely quiet, and so you will be able to receive information at a higher level. From this level we might receive several types of information, depending on what the psychic may be allowed to read from each person.
A psychic reader, who works with direct channeling, may come in contact with his or hers own spiritual helpers but possible also the clients helpers. The information received in this kind of clairvoyance may pertain not only the current life and past lives, but also information on the helpers with whom the client can seek guidance.
Most forms of psychic readings are designed to help the client to gain insight into their lives here and now - why are they not happy, what prevents them luck, what prevents them from unfolding their potential, why they are caught up in certain behaviors, etc. These things a talented clairvoyant can help to unravel. In some cases, the cause lies in a former life, but in most cases the blockages in the wrong patterns of behavior are to be found in this life.
The spiritual insight gained by the client through own self development, may be used by a talented clairvoyant to receive an even further knowledge of this person which in turn can use this information to even further development of the client.
Some psychics also experience small revelations, where they are led to the divine realms to gain insight into what this man's life mission is. But these types are not so common because the spiritual side would prefer to have the individuals themselves come in contact with their own spirituality, so that they through meditation and visualization can learn to talk to their own spiritual home universe, or their spiritual helpers or master teachers.

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