Are Other Disorders Linked To Alcohol Abuse Curable?

By: James Handforth

There are a number of disorders connected to alcohol abuse which are curable where as various others are incurable. The medical disorders that often result due to chronic alcoholism are mostly liver diseases, cardiovascular disorders and pancreatitis. Alcoholism also affects the brain function of elderly people.
Alcoholism causes a few other disorders on top which affects the character along with the thinking capacity of an individual. Anxiety is one such curable disorder caused due to excessive drinking. This disorder can be treated with the help of a proficient. An evaluation of medical condition is to be made in order to certify that there will be no damaging effect of medication.
A proper treatment plan should be made to provide therapy to the patient so that the disorder can be cured. The plan will work for reducing the symptoms of the disorder. The professional makes an individualised plan to help the patient to overcome the problem.
Another optional treatment for alcoholics suffering from anxiety is relaxation techniques. The most excellent way to relax is exercise which not only reduces fear and anxiety but also develops a sense of well being. Furthermore, cognitive and behavioural therapies also bring attitudinal changes among the patients thus resulting in acquiring control over emotions and situations. Various other treatments such as psychotherapy, medication, and relaxation therapies are provided to cure anxiety.
A further curable disorder time and again found in alcohol abusers is overeating. This disarray is furthermore interlinked with apprehension and dejection, which are the key sufferings of alcoholics. The alcohol abusers become emotionally weak due to which, they try to suppress their feelings by indulging themselves hooked on eating and drinking. These persons can be helped out by providing them emotional support. Alcoholism is the source cause of melancholy, worry, and other curable eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia, and binge eating.
Depression is another disorder caused due to alcoholism, which if not treated in time, may even last for life. It affects the routine functions and prevents the patient from acting and thinking efficiently. Psychotherapy and medication are the treatments for curing depression. A well balanced-diet also plays a key role in dealing with depression effectively.
Insomnia is furthermore one of the main curable disorders resultant because of alcohol abuse. Alcohol misuse affects the value of sleep. While, it does not prove incurable to life, yet, it affects the efficiency of a person. Insomnia is a behavioural disorder caused by intense utilization of alcohol and caffeine. Women who drink large amounts of alcohol are usually more prone to suffer from insomnia.
Androgen tic Alopecia is another disorder caused by alcohol abuse. Mostly men suffer from this disorder. People suffering from this disorder face premature loss of hair. This disorder is although not completely curable; however, a well-balanced and nutritious diet can help reduce its effects. The most important prevention is to give up alcohol, caffeine, and food rich in fatty acids.

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