Are Knee Braces Necessary To Wear After Acl Surgery?

By: Florentina Ryan..

Do post-operative knee braces need to be worn after ACL surgery? In numerous of cases, the answer is no! There is no study that obviously revealed that post-operative knee braces significantly aid protect the healing graft after an ACL reconstruction. In numerous studies, patients who have had ACL reconstruction surgical procedure were given a knee brace and when compared to patients who were not using a knee brace. None of these studies showed any major variation among these groups of patients.
It is possible that we simply don't have a good enough test to distinguish a difference among these type of patients. Nevertheless even if there is a tiny difference between patients who have a knee brace and those that do not, it is probable a very small difference. Whether or not you were given a knee brace post ACL reconstruction surgery depends on the surgeons preference or choice than on rational information.
What about the use of knee braces once I'm ready to return to sports? This is a controversial subject matter with no evident clear answer to the issue. Some patients who go back to high-level sports inside a year of surgery will use a knee brace. No scientific information has revealed that wearing a knee brace will stop re-injury to the ACL. Nevertheless several patients may make a decision to wear a knee brace anyhow.
Regardless this science, many athletes feel more relaxed using the knee brace going back or returning to sports after an ACL reconstruction. The good news is there is really no harm in wearing a brace; therefore, if wearing a knee brace makes the athlete more comfortable, then it is appropriate. The athlete should just realize that using the knee brace does not affect their chances of re-injuring the ACL.
If you decide to have a knee brace on during athletic competition, be certain this is the knee brace prescribed by your doctor. Over-the-counter, drug store knee braces are not intended to be used in this type of setting. It is very important for your surgeon to inspect or check the fit of your knee brace and adjusts it correctly. Whilst knee braces cannot offer significant support to the knee, they will offer no support if they do not fit correctly to you
ACL reconstruction is not performed many weeks after the injury. ACL reconstruction surgery is withheld several weeks at the time of injury to allow the inflamed and irritated knee to cool down and range of movement improves of the injured knee before ACL reconstruction surgery is performed. This enhances or improves the function of the joint after the operation..
In conclusion, the surgical procedure for an ACL reconstruction involves using a segment of another larger ligament to replace the damaged ACL. The ligament commonly used is the patellar ligament which connects the kneecap (patella) to the tibia. Approximately one-third of this ligament is removed and secured to the femur and tibia to change the torn ACL.

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