Are Home Teeth Whitening Methods Effective?

By: Dervla Birch

When considering using home teeth whitening treatments, many people are torn by conflicting issues. Things are tight at the moment and you need to save money where you can.
You still want the confidence boost of a gleaming smile. But are home whitening methods safe, and are they as effective as a professional treatment?
The concern about effectiveness comes from the fact that the concentration of bleaching agents used in the home treatments is generally lower than in a treatment by a dentist. On the other hand, there is the worry that companies may use higher concentrations than they claim, in order to make their products effective.
Are these concerns valid. As long as you purchase products from properly licensed companies, I dont believe so. They are bound by very strict regulations and the penalties for contravening them, in terms of their reputation and their finances, would be unthinkable.
Added to which which, there are already millions of users of these treatments and there would certainly of been a public outcry if there were any safety issues or if many people were not happy with the outcome.
Visit the websites of some of these companies and you will be able to read details of thorough clinical trials of the various aspects of these products. Tests have been carried out to prove both the safety and effectiveness of the active ingredients.
They would have to be able to back up any claims made with solid evidence. You may even find links to the original source material. Again, to attempt to falsify these results could be potentially disastrous.
Home teeth whitening treatments can be just as effective and long lasting as a treatment by your dentist. They should also be perfectly safe. Just buy from reputable companies and following the directions.

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