Are Great Traders Made?

By: Hass67

The question is can anyone become a winning forex trader? Yes anyone can in my opinion. The only thing that is required is a winning trading plan. If you have not developed a good trading plan than dont enter the forex market. First develop one. Forex markets are not going anywhere. These markets will be there next year and after that. Enter only when you are prepared.
Let me tell you about a great experiment in history. This experiment is a perfect example of developing and then implementing a winning trading plan. This experiment was known as Turtle Traders Experiment.
Richard Dennis and Bill Eckhardt were two great traders and partners who were arguing one day on whether great traders are born or made. This was the year 1983. Both were commodities speculators.
Bill was saying that great traders could only be born and not made. Richard had the opinion that great traders could be made through good training. To settle the argument, both agreed to select and then train a few traders to see the trading results after training.
An advertisement was placed in New York Times, Barrons and The Wall Street Journal. 1000 applications were received in response to that advertisement. The Turtle Trading Experiment had started.
Only 80 were called for interview after shortlisting. 13 were selected for the experiment in the end. They were known as the Turtles.
The turtles were given training and a complete trading plan based on rules on how to apply it. Richard would always emphasize to the turtles that he could give these rules to anyone but these rules were useless unless they were applied consistently.
So, the actual success in trading whether forex, stocks, commodities or futures lies in having a good trading plan; You need to have a trading plan that is exact. In other words is mechanical and ruled based does not depend on your emotions. Learn to control your emotions in trading.
Then you need to apply those rules with discipline and consistency. Without discipline and consistency, you can never become a great trader!

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