Are Gel Nails The Best Fakes Out There?

By: Gen Wright

Fake nails can be highly decorative, gorgeous and convenient, if you are just not feeling the look of your regulars. But fakes come in a variety of different forms with the two most popular types of fake nails being acrylics and gel nails. Most people prefer gel nails because they offer a number of benefits that other nails just cannot deliver. Among these benefits are a deeper, richer beauty, a nourishing environment for your own organic nails to grow, and a greater sense of natural flair and design. If you want all of these things from your fake nails, then it is likely you are going to have to give gel a spin.

Deeper, richer beauty

Gel nails bring out the color of paints and polishes better than any other form of fake nail. The greens and blues and reds are richer and bolder than what you could expect from acrylic, for instance, and the striking draw that they bring when on display will have you looking like the most beautiful thing at the party. Women everywhere envy the look, and they will definitely want to know where you got your nails done. Beauty gives a woman confidence and strength. While physical beauty is not everything, it does make a woman feel more empowered, more in touch with herself and who she is. These emotional aspects cannot be denied.

Room to grow

Every woman at some point in her life will wear fake nails. It's just the way that things go. But every woman also values the health and beauty of her natural, organic nails, and if she wants to give them the best opportunity to thrive while covered up, she will want to make gel nails a part of her day to day routine. The gel texture and substance creates a healthy and nourishing environment in which the nail can strengthen and grow healthier over time. If you want to give your nails some room to grow, then you will certainly want to choose gel as the cover of choice.

Flair and design

Many women love to paint decorative art on their fingernails, and they love to maximize the design prowess of their fake nails' artistry. This taste for bold self expression and design comes out strongly in the presentation of gel nails, and they lead one to find a deeper sense of personal fulfillment at the cosmetic beauty level.

With all the reasons out there to try gel nails, you have to wonder why you'd ever want to go with anything else. The one caveat: they can be more expensive. But when it comes to quality, the old adage is true. You do get what you pay for. And with gel nails, that's a lot.

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