Are Free Rapid Weight Loss Tips Really Free?

By: Tiffany Stringfellow

If you've been looking for some free info on the web on how to lose weight, you may have clicked on a link that promised free rapid weight loss tips just for giving your email address. But are they really free?
When people are looking for free rapid weight loss tips they will usually look to the things that they refer to most often. For most people this is either the television or the newspaper.
But often times these flashy ads that promise free rapid weight loss tips are not being straight with us. What they are really offering are a bunch of cleverly constructed marketing campaigns dressed up as free weight loss advice.
You have to be sure that even the most seemingly credible testimonials aren't being paid a load of money to promote a certain product. Restaurants are sometimes guilty of this, they pay someone who has lost a lot of weight recently to say that it was their product, food, or service that gave them such spectacular results.
This person then of course tours the country and goes on all these different TC shows saying that they lost weight in not time at all just from eating at Joe'sor wherever.
But savvy marketers know, more often than not, what is not mentioned is the amount of exercise that person had to also do to get the kind of results being touted all over town.
So despite what you've heard, if you're looking for free rapid weight loss tips then don't be fooled. You will need to do more than just eat a load of fat free sub sandwiches to get the kind of results you're after.
It's worth a mention that another fallacy being told a lot lately is you secret to free rapid weight loss is to just eat whatever you want and drink bottles and bottles of water.
A long time ago some agency started to tell the world that drinking a certain amount of water every day is healthy for you. When bottled water became popular the bottlers of water used these as free weight loss tips and started to tell everyone that drinking water will help you lose weight.
Whilst water can help the breakdown of foods which can lead to some weight loss, on it's own, it will not make you lose any weight.
Everyone Wants A Piece Of The Action
The long and short of it is, there is no healthy way to lose weight in only a few days so you have to judge for yourself the best weight loss plan for you. Just be wary of all the supposedly free advice out there.
Just be wary of companies that try to sell you stuff like home gym equipment in exchange for free weight loss tips.
Farmers will tell you that eating more fruit is the way to go because they want you to buy more fruit.
When it is all said and done it is up to you what is best for your body and your weight loss goals.

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