Are Fad Diets Failing You Miserably?

By: Samantha Putz

We look up to celebrities in this country " for their fame, their fashion sense and in many cases, their bodies. It's well known that some of the names which are household words to us are people who have a lot of pressure to keep looking their best at all times. They use fad diets and really every means to keep them presentable for the constant scrutiny they undergo. Low fat, low carbs, low calories and a lot of exercise " is this really a normal lifestyle? Always conscious of the next meal, their next workout and of course, the next weigh-in. It's exhausting and I should know " I've tried to live this way myself and I can tell you that it really didn't work. Why do all of these diets fail? Here is a little insight on why many of these fad diets fail miserably.
Sugar and Starch are what fuels the body and the brain with much needed energy. Without these important carbohydrates, your body suffers from cumbersome symptoms such as fatigue, headaches and hunger pangs. Diets that herald eating low carb foods like Atkins and the Zone set you up for failure because as humans, we are not designed to live without carbs. Although initially, the weight loss is rapid, you're soon faced with unsurmountable cravings that lead you to the "junk" cupboard or the drive-thru at some fast food restaurant for a quick carb fix. The World Health Organization suggests our food intake comprise of at least 55-75% carbs. Anything lower and your body starts to react, leaving you feeling ill. Is this how you want to live the rest of your life?
Another deceitful tactic used by many fad diets is the consumption of good carbohydrates compared to eating none. Although good carbs offer tremendous nutritional value compared to refined carbs, the caloric content is dense and eating too much of a good thing still has consequences. Regardless of how you look at it, a calorie is a calorie and filling up on a huge plate of whole wheat pasta ain't gonna make thin. Your body is only capable of expending so many calories at any one meal and if your metabolism is sluggish, your rate of expenditure is even lower. If you can control your portions, then consuming good carbs is a great to give your body extra nutrients while keeping your hunger at bay.
Another popular myth that I'd like to dispel right now is the fat free theory. Don't fall for this trap! Fat free means just that - fat free. Foods that have no fats are still loaded with sugar and carbs and both of these when eaten in excess will add inches to your waistline. Your body needs fat to sustain optimal health, so instead of cutting out fat completely, opt for low fat and low sugar foods instead. Does all this mean that dieting is useless? Not at all, in fact, the word diet simply implies a food regimen that one follows and not necessarily a regimen which one is trying to lose weight, although that is how it is perceived. When you think of it, we're all on diets, even athletes. The idea is to find something that will fit your lifestyle and particular needs.

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