Are Electronic Cigarettes a Safer Way to Smoke?

By: Erika Lindqvist

Are you worried about the negative impact smoking is having on your life? It is an expensive habit and it can cause a whole host of health problems but the addiction to nicotine can be a very hard one to break. Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigs, can give you a safer and cheaper way to get nicotine into your body.
E-cigs, as electronic cigarettes are often called, are a great little invention. Inside of them, liquid nicotine is turned into a vapor which the smoker then inhales. They feel like real cigarettes and you inhale just like you would with a traditional cigarettes, but what you are inhaling is just vaporized nicotine that has none of the dangers of tobacco smoke.
Traditional cigarettes are made of tobacco which contains tar and a whole host of other chemicals, none of these are present in e-cigarettes. Because you are not inhaling tobacco smoke, only water vapor, you will not experience any of the side effects normally associated with smoking. No wheezing, no coughing, no risk of lung cancer.
Although not life threatening, yellow teeth and gums and fingers are also unpleasant side effects of cigarette smoking. E-cigs do not cause these things. The liquid used in e-cigs contains only the nicotine and whatever is used as a base, usually propylene glycol, which is harmless. If you choose you can have flavors added but these add no harmful chemicals either.
These little machines also make it safer for the people you care about to spend time with you. There is no second hand smoke. The only thing that is given off by an e-cig is a little bit of vapor.
Electronic cigarettes do have some health issues associated with them. Perhaps the largest of these is the fact that liquid nicotine is a powerful poison that is readily absorbed through the skin. If you are not very careful with the liquid, you may accidentally over dose on nicotine which can be fatal. Because of the dangers associated with liquid nicotine, you might want to think long and hard before you bring it into a home with children.
If you can't seem to kick the smoking habit but you want to reduce the health risks associated with it then the electronic cigarette may be an ideal option for you. They also have the additional advantage of allowing you to ease your nicotine craving while in a public place. Add to that the fact that they are much cheaper than tobacco cigarettes and e-cigs may soon be the hottest new trend.

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