Are Drugs Killing Us?

By: Gabriella Rand

In traditional Western medicine, there is a pill for everything. America has taught to be a nation of consumers, and this ideal applies just as much to medicine as a new pair of shoes. Doctors are more inclined to prescribe for anything that ails you, and pharmaceutical companies make billions each year on new "cures." Yet, adverse reactions to prescription drugs is one of the leading causes of death in the United States today, with over 100,000 people dying yearly.
Remedy or Reason?
There seem to be thousands of diseases out there, if not more, and a pill for every one of them. But with all of the deaths occurring due to the drugs that are supposed to cure them, how are these helping? The major diseases are rising at alarming rates: heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and more. Many more people are dying each year from these diseases, despite "advances" in modern medicine that are supposed to be saving lives.
Prescription Medication Side Effects
There are a number of harmful side effects when using prescription medication, some of them mild and some really adverse including:
Inability to sleep Inability to drive an automobile Liver problems Reduced gastrointestinal function Medication dependence Risk of stroke, heart attack or cancer Kidney damage Increased chance of stroke Hair loss increase ...and death!
Hope is not loss
With all these possible side effects and more, is there not a better way? Of course there is! For years, people have been saying to pay attention to what you eat. Living a healthy lifestyle, eating raw foods, reducing stress, and creating a normal exercise routine are all key to a quality lifestyle. While this may not be as exciting as the new fad diet everyone's talking about or going to the doctor and getting a quick fix. it seems that, despite all the advances in technology, the oldest advice is still the best. You are what you eat.
Diets just don't work
There is no magic diet that will help improve your health instantly. The best thing to do is not go on a diet at all. Start with small changes and gradually work yourself up to a healthier lifestyle. But it's more than just cutting calories. You want to work on eliminating as many processed foods from your diet as possible. Even fruit and vegetables you buy from the grocery store can be genetically altered and are usually grown with pesticides and other chemicals. Even the wax on apples in grocery stores are linked with cancer.
Stick with proven techniques to reduce stress
Scientific studies have shown that there is a link between stress reduction and regular meditation. You can take a free class in almost any major city, and if you can't find one. There are many guided meditations available online. Start by meditating about five minutes per day, and include some deep breathing. It will amaze you, the difference you'll feel by meditating just five minutes a day.
So, no matter what you do, you now know the truth about prescription drugs. The best way to achieve optimum health is to eat right, exercise, and manage your stress wisely.

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Author: Gabriella Rand reveals valuable proof that a natural remedy could assist you conquer sickness, and there could be a natural remedy for cancer.

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