Are Botox Injections Right For You?

By: Craig Mecham

For those considering Botox to fill in and smooth out their wrinkles, you may want to read through the following information. This is one of the best cosmetic treatments available for treating wrinkles. It's very popular with the celebrities and other stars. Botox is available for a pretty minimal cost nowadays, and there is not very much pain involved either.
Botox is the brand name for a protein made from the botulism toxin. The procedure involves injecting the substance beneath the skin in the area where the wrinkle is. It will smooth out the surface of the skin and make the wrinkles disappear. In terms of cost, Botox is much cheaper than regular cosmetic surgery, which can range into the thousands of dollars.
It's most commonly injected in the forehead region and around the mouth. It's very effective at reducing the "parenthesis lines" around the mouth and the brow furrows in between the eyes and in the forehead area. This procedure is so common now that there are Botox parties held so all attendees can get a dose of the anti wrinkle product.
This treatment takes only about ten minutes. Botox is the only kind of this type of treatment that is currently approved by the FDA. The results are usually visible for three to six months. If you don't like the results you got from it, take some comfort in knowing it won't last forever. However, you'll need to get more Botox done about three to six months to keep the wrinkles gone.
You don't have to worry about a great deal of downtime with Botox, either. You can usually go back to work or your normal activities on the same day. Some women run and get this procedure done at lunch time. There is usually only minor pain during the injections and the place where it was injected is not visible after a few hours have passed. The full benefits of Botox are usually visible within a day.
If you're like most people, you'll like the results you get from Botox. With only three or four treatments need a year, you won't be spending all your time in the med spa. It's also reversible if you don't like how it makes your face look. It's also not just for women; more and more men are having Botox treatments as well. However, this is the case with many of today's cosmetic procedures. You definitely should give this procedure a try. More than likely, you'll be back for another treatment in just a few months' time.

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