Are Botox Injections Good for You?

By: Amanda Gamdana

It is not a well known fact but the beauty intervention known as Botox is in fact a neuro-toxin. The cosmetic surgery industry functions Botox injections to help remove the furrows and furrows that are related with age although it is only a temporary process.
Though Botox injections do not offer a permanent cosmetic surgery answer to eliminating wrinkles, they do provide a feasible solution for anyone dealing with an aging and wrinkling face. The most common Botox cosmetic interventions are those that get rid of the furrows around the forehead region.
The whole treatment is quick in addition to easy and most recipients have their Botox treatments completed in less than a quarter of an hour, depending on the areas treated. outcomes after Botox injections can be seen within a few days so lines close to the eyes, mouth and forehead are visibly reduced.
Botox shots work by paralyzing the muscular tissues that cause creases and lines, like horizontal and vertical creases on the forehead or crow's feet near the eyes for instance, so there will be less movement. Unfortunately the Botox neuro-toxin muscle paralysis is only temporary and regular Botox cosmetic treatments are necessary and for many, multiple treatments will be needed for optimal effect. You will probably have some puffiness, numbness and bruising in the area where the Botox injections or Botox cream were used, this is quite normal but recovery time is usually very short.
Fortunately, there are few Botox side effects and despite the fact that a neuro-toxin is used to create the anti-elderly effect, it is still a safe intervention. Any soreness felt using this procedure is minimal and only lasts a very short while as ice is used before and after treatment. Because Botox cosmetic interventions help relax the muscular tissues, furrows fade slowly as do deep laughter and frown furrows.
The functions of Botox injections also go so far as assisting those individuals who regrettably suffer with facial scarring, acne or to help soften aging skin. There aren't many famous people that haven't had a Botox cosmetic treatment to make themselves look more youthful but aesthetic surgery does have other functions and is not just about vanity. As a general rule, men usually choose less-invasive surgeries such as Botox shots, collagen injections, chemical peels and microdermabrasion for instance.
Botox is a not only a distilled protein used in cosmetic surgery but a prescription medicine. Botox has been found to be effective in reducing migraines, muscle spasms in the facial region and can help in excessive sweating. Despite its assistance with some medical issues, there are periods when it cannot be used including when a woman is expecting a baby or is breast feeding.
One of the only times when it cannot be used is when a woman is expecting a child or is breast feeding. The one issue with Botox shots is that the more often they are employed, the longer the period is before they can be given again as the effect it has is to cause the muscles to atrophy and a greater time is needed for them to recover. That said, Botox cosmetic injections and treatments have become the most frequent used cosmetic treatments carried out in the USA with over a million annually.

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