Are Acrylic Spas Simply the Best?

By: Stanley Medgers

Acrylic spas are increasing in popularity due to many reasons. One of those reasons is that acrylic spas are easy to customize and reconfigure. In contrast, concrete spas piping and fittings and other add-ons are encased in a concrete shell, which limits the spas' options to customization.
But what makes acrylic spas a superior choice over its concrete counterparts? Because acrylic spas cost less when you want them modified and reconfigured. Since the tubing schemes for are covered in concrete, repairs and reconfigurations means partial damage to the spa itself since demolition of the concrete surface is necessary. That means more time to do the job and more money for their services.
On the other hand, acrylic spas do not require demolitions of any degree. The vents are located on the underside of the acrylic shell and can be easily accessed without damaging the spa. That means less money for repairs and remodeling.
Another thing that makes acrylic spas a better choice over concrete ones is the formers high resistance to pressure. In contrast to concrete types of spas, constant draining and refilling can cause the concrete surface to crack and leak. Repairs for such are very much expensive to say the least.
Waterproofing a concrete spa also poses a big challenge. It takes various experts from different trades to get the job done. Acrylic spas, on the other hand, are integrated with waterproofing attributes,which are tired and tested under strict factory standards.
There is no question as to acrylic spas dominance over the concrete cousins. Savings in costs for installation services, plumbing and repairs are huge. Easy installation, less operational and maintenance costs really cut it for acrylic spas, for whatever purposes it may serve.
It is quite obvious why many pick acrylic spas for their homes and businesses. But if you really dig concrete ones, then go for it. If you can afford such luxury, then there is no stopping you.

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