Aprons for Women and Aprons for Men: An Overview

By: carlos arturo

The history of the apron as a protective garment goes back a long way. In the Victorian ages, back in the nineteenth century, these garments were practically part of the daily clothing of the average woman, thanks to the fact that they were mostly all at home, spending their time in pretty messy activities like cooking, baking and gardening. As a result, the requirement to protect the everyday clothes from cooking element and soil and dirt was constant, which gave birth to the pinafore, the long full length garment worn to protect the dress worn underneath it. Tied at the back and completely covered in the front, these aprons for women usually had full sleeves along with several pockets and served both as a protective garment as well as an effective alternative to the dishcloth. As the man hardly took any part in the regular household duties, being mostly engaged in work that require him to stay outdoors all the time, aprons for men were pretty much unthought-of, and was certainly nothing that any man would have dreamt of wearing in the house, even if he did take quite a bit of interest in gardening.

With the advent of time, however, things changed quite a bit. The average woman began to step out of the house on account of the fact that they stared to hold jobs; however, despite the change in lifestyle, certain household tasks remained in more or less the same position, although the chores began to be divided among the man and the woman of the home. As a natural consequence of the same, therefore, the apron diversified immensely; several varieties began to be designed by the sartorial giants and fashion setters; so much experimentation with this simple garment took place that as a result, today it has become indeed difficult to distinguish between the plain aprons for women and the elegant cocktail dress.

As far as the common conception goes, aprons are hailed as garments solely for the use of women. Many would be surprised to know that there are a huge number of men that ear aprons on a daily basis, since it is part of their job description. Naturally, there is a major section of the apron market dedicated only to aprons for men. Looking back once more to the Victorian era, however, will reveal that aprons for men were indeed available even in those days, although they were certainly not meant for daily wear, nor could they be worn anywhere outside of one’s workplace. The great industrial boom in the country had brought about the employment of a large number of people in the factories; this warranted the need to wear long protective garments made of coarse and hardy material, much like the aprons for women in look and purpose, but certainly not in material.

Standing today and looking at the greater number of men that has crossed over into the cooking industry, and the huge number of men who take equal part in household duties, it is no surprise that aprons of men are manufactured practically on the same level as those for the opposite sex. However, a slight disparity does exist here; the number of aprons for women created is definitely much higher than those created for men, at last in variety if nothing else.

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