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By: Mel Joelle

There was a time when all you could do with phones was talk. The only thing that you can do is dial your phone. In fact, dialing used to involve turning the dial. Eventually, the dial got replaced with buttons which made dialing a lot easier. A little bit after that, the cell phone was invented. Then phones started getting screens. Now, we have phones that can do things like text, play videos, play games in full color. You can even listen to music on your phone thanks to a lot of the apps that have been created for smart phones.

The apps for smartphones include games and music videos as well as blogging tools. You can even search for jobs using your smartphone thanks to apps like Craigsphone. If you are wondering what Craigsphone is, it is simply having on your phone. If you are a blogger that is very familiar with wordpress, the good news is that wordpress is an app that is featured on your phone. You can have all of the features of your blogging platform on your phone and you can update your blog or website from your phone.

Twitter users will have a lot of fun with the smartphone with the twitter application. After all, twitter was obviously designed for mobile phones. The name of the twitter app is Twitterific. One very good app that makes things very convenient for the shopper is the credit card app. The good thing is that you do not have to pay monthly fees. You do not even have to sign up for a contract. The name of this app is Square. As soon a syou download this app you can start taking payments. You can also download some photo editing apps for your photography hobbies.

One very helpful app is the task management app. One of the things that many people need in order to succeed at life is to be organized. Organization and planning is a very important part of everything. One app that provides this benefit is the Task Pad. You can sync tasks throughout every one of the devices that you own and manage them using a web browser. Another cool app is the Google mobile search engine. now you can search Google while you are away from a computer. You do not have to find a computer if you need to search the internet for something.

The phone has come a long way from when it was invented. Not many people could have anticipated that practically everything would be eventually done from a phone. Looking back, it is amazing how we went from dialing using a knob to actually playing video games, blogging, texting and other things with just a phone. The apps and other features of the smartphone are very compelling. People love using apps like twitterific and Taskpad HD. With all of the advancements in technology we have seen with the phone, this is really only the beginning. We will see many other innovations in the future.

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