Applying for International Nursing Vacancies

By: Kip Goldhammer

International nursing vacancies are en vogue today because of the several perks they include, such as the extremely high pay, the great boost to the resume it brings, and of course, the chance to visit a foreign country. Several international nursing vacancies are being posted in the classifieds each day, and qualified nurses are getting the chances to go on these assignments.

There are some things to look out for in advance, though. The first thing would be to get a complete list of duties that the nurse would have to perform in the international assignment, and get it in a written and signed contractual form. This is very important in order to avoid any misunderstandings later. Even the remuneration must be decided in advance, and the additional benefits that may be included, such as accommodation facilities, tickets for the travel, etc. Since most of these international jobs are in the form of individual assignments, it is necessary to get everything confirmed in the form of a contract.

Next, you would like to see which nursing jobs are in demand internationally. Actually speaking, all nursing jobs are in much demand everywhere, and there are no favorites. However, the jobs that are easier to get than others are nurse practitioner jobs, licensed practical nurse jobs, childcare and maternal care nurse jobs, cardiac care nurse jobs, diabetic care nurse jobs, paralysis and invalid patient nurse jobs, oncology nurse jobs, etc. It will be harder to find jobs for anesthetic nurses, operating room nurses, emergency room nurses, dental nurses, etc. In fact, the jobs that have more individual patient care are more in demand internationally.

In order to become eligible for an international nurse job, it is good if you are a registered nurse with a few years of experience. However, being an individual contract job most of the time, even licensed practical nurses or licensed vocational nurses can get jobs, but they will need to be content with lower pays and will not be able to continue their educational courses when they are on an assignment. Also, they may have to fend for themselves. Even so, it is good for a licensed practical nurse to get an international assignment to add to the portfolio.

People looking for international nurse jobs must get themselves registered with a nurse recruiting agency. These people have listings of several international nurse jobs in countries around the world and worthy candidates are selected for the jobs and sent on assignments. Some of the most acclaimed international nursing recruiters are Compass International, Adevia, American Life and Dignity, Alda, etc. or you can also visit some websites like which can give you a good knowledge of the available assignments.

It is needless to add that if you are looking for an international nursing job, you will have to keep your documentation ready. At least, a passport must be ready with you, along with certificates of your nursing jobs and letters of recommendation that might be required. Visa is usually simple to get once you have the contract in your hand. If there is a qualifying interview to be given at the embassy, you will need to tell them you are moving out on a temporary nursing assignment.

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