Applying Treatments For Relief From Hemorrhoids

By: Richard Hill

Hemorrhoids are painful and may not be easy to treat. This is a condition of the rectum or anal, internal or external, wherein multitudes of veins are strained and inflamed due to prolonged standing or sitting. Having this condition may cause the rectum to be itchy and painful most of the time. Treatments are usually given for external hemorrhoids. To treat this condition, there are lots of possible treatments to choose from, but just make it a point that the treatment applied is recommended by the physician.
External hemorrhoids are sensitive and can become very itchy and painful when irritated by clothes or by doing some activities. In treating external hemorrhoids, the main concern is to soothe the itchiness and to ease out the pain. For fast soothing relief using natural alternatives or home treatments, many people try the Sitz baths. This home remedy treatment requires you to sit down or dip your lower body on a tub filled with warm water. This will help you clean and soothe the itchy part. Washing with warm water also helps a lot. Some people even add a bit of white vinegar for fast healing.
You can do this Sitz baths up to three times a day if you feel the need to do so. The procedure does not have to last longer; just make use of the warm water while it is warm. Drying the area should be done gently to avoid further scrubbing which might worsen the irritation and inflammation.
Wearing loose clothes is a great help also when treating external hemorrhoids. Jeans and short pants should not be worn for a while until the hemorrhoid is healed. Even the type of cloth or fabric for the undergarments should also be given important consideration as it can add causes of irritations and itchiness to the area. If you are aiming for relief, a little sacrifice would go a long way for a more soothed and comfortable feeling that may eventually lead to complete healing.
Another thing to consider when treating your hemorrhoids is the need to change the daily diet. Implementing simple changes will greatly reward you with relief and comfort from hemorrhoids. Preventing recurrence of hemorrhoids will mean you need to treat the causes as well. If you are continuously suffering from constipation and indigestion that causes hemorrhoids, might as well think about what foods you should take to stop this condition. Taking whole grains and fibers everyday will help your digestive system to function well. Milk is also a great help, but if lactose worsen your constipation, better drink lots of water and fruit juices instead of milk. This will give solution to your constipation and eventually help relieve the hemorrhoids.
Treating hemorrhoids may take a while. You need to understand the extent of your condition to be able to apply the right treatment you need. Early detection can help treatments work effectively and quickly. To get faster relief and healing, use the treatments that suits the condition of your hemorrhoids and the one that makes you comfortable with.

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