Apply your Mineral Makeup with a Quality Kabuki Brush

By: Marilyn Etzel

Natural mineral makeup is the way to go if you want to keep your skin healthy and look your best. The secret is in the ingredients of the makeup that improve the look of your skin. Applying this makeup takes special tools to do the job well.
Makeup works better when applied properly. The makeup brush is the principle application tool. You could opt for a synthetic or a natural hair makeup brush. For mineral makeup, use a Kabuki brush.
Have you heard that name before? Maybe you've seen someone wearing kabuki makeup. The name comes from the Japanese theater. In ancient Japan, actors would perform with their makeup as a white background with various bold colors used to create different expressions for their characters.
Kabuki brushes are now used to apply mineral makeup. These brushes have a unique look that makes them just the right applicator for your face. Most makeup brush bristles are stiff and can be hard to the touch. The makeup stays on the ends of the bristles where it can clump and provide uneven coverage to your face.
Instead of packing on the powder, Kabuki brushes don't need much in the way of makeup at all. A very little will go a long way. These brushes have rounded bristles that form a dome shape instead of a blunt end like most makeup brushes. Kabuki brushes provide a much more even coverage of your makeup. The bristles can be made of hairs from:
- Squirrel
- Sable
- Italian Badger
Natural bristle Kabuki brushes are gentle to the touch. With the shape of the Kabuki brush, the bristles spread so that the makeup clings to the entire hair. The bristles spread during application to allow all of the makeup powder to be used.
Synthetic Kabuki brushes to exist. Using synthetic bristles can cause skin irritations in some people. Natural hairs aren't known for this type of problem.
Kabuki brushes exist for applying not only foundation but also mineral blushes and eye shadows. They typically have short, blunt handles for easier gripping and control. Some have longer handles like typical makeup brushes but the telltale dense dome head indentifies them as Kabuki brushes. For women who travel a lot, Kabuki brushes can be purchased with dispenser handles to hold your mineral makeup.
Kabuki makeup brushes are easy to clean as well. If you use your mineral makeup on a regular basis, brushes need to be cleaned once a week at least. Because of the natural hair, a small drop of your shampoo massaged into the bristles will clean the brush. Rinse thoroughly by swishing it in clean water and then squeeze as much water from the brush as you can. Fluff out the bristles and let it dry on a clean surface.
You don't need to apply a lot of mineral makeup to get the desired effect. With a Kabuki brush, the rounded, dense bristles turn a little powder into sheer complete coverage for your face.

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