Application Virtualization Made Easy

By: Candice Jones

InstallAware Application Virtualization provides an easy and efficient method for converting your applications into a single, self-contained executable file which does not even need to be installed in order to run. Thanks to the powerful application virtualization technology offered by this software, you can squeeze in all of a program's resources into a single file with any ActiveX controls, DLLs and all sorts of other resources packed into the file. You can also run any program compiled with InstallAware Application Virtualization without having to worry about administrator rights. No longer will have to worry about deployment conflicts with mutually incompatible software running on the same platform. You can convert any application - all you need is to have a working setup for the application that you wish to virtualize. Thanks to this powerful tool, you will be able to keep your favorite applications with you wherever you go since they will be entirely portable. You won't need to install them and instead, you can run your virtualized applications straight from a USB pen drive or other external media. No data or program resources need to be extracted onto the local computer.

Using this solution for application virtualization is far less complicated and demanding on hardware resources than the alternative of making a virtual machine with its own operating system and virtualized hardware resources. Instead, a virtualized application runs within its own sandbox, isolated entirely from the underlying operating environment. Every virtualized application provides its own virtual file system and virtual registry, making it independent from the actual operating environment around it. No time-consuming installation procedures are required since virtualized applications are entirely portable. These features also allow virtualized programs to sidestep any deployment conflicts. You can run incompatible applications or different versions of the same application alongside one another without any conflicts preventing you from doing so. With application virtualization, you can also use old applications designed for outdated operating systems on any operating system. If your favorite software doesn't run on your current operating system, simply use application virtualization to get it working in any environment!

When you want to run a virtualized application compiled with InstallAware Application Virtualization, all you need is the executable file. No additional software, agents or runtimes need to be installed on the computer you want to use the application with. The executable file is completely portable! InstallAware Application Virtualization also comes with the PackageAware feature, allowing you to instantly create virtual application projects. Using this, you can capture an application and its resources, tweak and refine it to suit your needs and then virtualize it and take it with you for using on any computer you want.

InstallAware Application Virtualization is available from . There is a completely unlimited 30-day trial version available as well. This will allow you to see for yourself just how powerful the program is. For those who purchase the software, there is even a 30-day money back guarantee, so you truly have nothing to lose. The software is also royalty free and no client licences are required. Once you have purchased the program, you can use it everywhere.

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Candice Jones is a software developer who uses application virtualization to overcome compatibility issues with running legacy applications on modern operating systems.

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