Appliance Doctor Could Repair Your Washing Machine for Less

By: Appliance Doctor

Having a washing machine break down on you is incredibly frustrating, and it can be tempting to make the mistake of simply buying a new one. However, appliance doctor could fix that broken washing machine quickly and affordably. Our highly trained technicians are experienced appliance repair experts. Their knowledge of the industry is always up to date, so they can easily diagnose the problem, and solve it as soon as possible.

Why is Washing Machine Repair Recommended?

Donít assume that a breakdown means the whole machine is beyond saving. The best reason not to replace a broken washing machine is that the problem might have been caused by a part which is incredibly cheap to replace. Plenty of washing machine components - such as pulleys, belts, and seals - cost barely anything, especially compared to the cost of a new machine.
Try thinking about it in more familiar terms. Youíre probably reading this on a computer. Would you replace it if, for example, the space bar wasnít working? Probably not! Itís the same with your washing machine, you need to know how bad the problem is before you act. Who knows, the reason your washing machine isnít working may just be down to a broken seal. Youíd be throwing money away by replacing the whole thing, while the appliance doctor could have gotten everything working in next to no time.

Of course, sometimes a larger part of the machine will be broken, such as the motor. However, even if this is the diagnosis, youíll have been much better off calling the appliance doctor. For one thing, youíll actually know that you made the right decision to replace it, no need to toss and turn at night wondering if a repair might have been cheap and easy.

More importantly though, we can let you know which models might be right for you, and how to avoid breakdowns in the future. Perhaps your motor broke because you were inadvertently using the machine incorrectly. If so, weíll let you know. Properly informed by a professional, you wonít make the same mistake again.

Most Reliable Washing Machine Repair in New York City

Of course, lots of repair companies will make you wait for days or weeks until theyíre finally willing to turn up, and thatís a long time to go without a washing machine. This is why so many families think that getting an appliance repaired will be a long and inconvenient process. Appliance doctor is different. Customer service is our priority - thatís never changed and never will. Weíll get to you as soon as possible, often on the day you call. When we arrive, youíll get no nonsense advice on the problem, and all necessary repairs will be carried out as quickly as possible.

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Appliance doctor offers the best washing machine repair in New York. Our staff are all highly trained, and dedicated to saving you time and money on appliance repairs. If your washing machine is broken, donít automatically think of replacing it. Call us today on (914) 294-3737, or contact us online at

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