Apple’s AirPlay to entertain better and the impact on the cable services

By: Anand Kumar

This technology is based on the concept of pushing the iOS device data to Apple TV or third-party AirPlay compatible speakers and receivers.

AirPlay will be a significant technological advancement from Apple Inc. Through this technology, the users can redirect the music or videos from any website or the source can be the very own Apple’s iTunes onto an a series of optional devices like an iOS based device, an Apple TV and from these Apple products to third party compatible surround system. The wonders of this AirPlay technology proves to be robust and versatile as it is capable of streaming even live media that is aired on the internet. With already inherited with capability to run the already stored videos or audios, the live media play is something that is truly remarkable of the AirPlay features.

Apple has highlighted that this technology can be a muse to the app developer! The company has recommended some tasks that could make an app developer achieve a great deal by developing some applications that could enhance the user experience in many ways.

On the technical details of AirPlay technology, this is generally user controlled. The user is always free to redirect the desired data to an AirPlay-enabled sound system. When the user opts to play an audio clip using AirPlay, it is redirected automatically to the compatible system. Another noteworthy feature of this technology is on the iOS 5. The user can duplicate or mirror the data of an iPad 2 onto an Apple TV using AirPlay for any possible application. The user activities are also made flexible and are left to the user if he or she wants to play a different data and not the mirrored data. The iOS is capable of offering more ways to deliver content over AirPlay.

For the historical details of this technology, Apple invented AirPlay the late 2010 and was a application that play only on Apple devices. As the time progressed other manufacturers devised those devices that could be ‘AirPlay’ed. The companies which have come forward to support this technology are B&W, Marantz and Denon.

Like every other technology having its own shortcomings, AirPlay is no exception. It is believed that the entertainment industry will be facing an increase in the piracy cases as Airplay will be able to push newly released videos on the Web and eventually onto the television. This might prove a loss to the entertainment professionals and a potential harm to the music industry as well.

It is a known fact that Apple TV is a little rare in the present times. But somehow critics feel that the AirPlay is a potential threat to the cable industry as well. With the cable servicing companies aspiring to be a part of as many screens as possible, this AirPlay software technology tool has all that it takes to give a stiff to the cable companies owing its feature to integrate internet services with TV. With AirPlay in the existence, there will two types of TVs. The traditional ‘Idiot Box’ and Smart TV!

Thus to wind up the Apple’s Airplay as a technology, it is here to stay and rule the entertainment industry. With a big chunk of the population being the Apple device fans this technology will invariably worth a try and has a high probability to be successful in the mobile space.

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