Anti-normal weight-loss method - strange lose weight ways

By: Hayden

Tired of a variety of conventional ways to lose weight, it is better to try these anti-normal weight loss remedies! Give you monotonically weight loss life to add fun!
Action articles
1 put a book in the top of the head
This weight loss method is best suitable for doing at home, and that is to prepare a moderate thickness book or folded towel instead, put it on the top of the head to walk, and to avoid them falling down, which is a lot of models are carrying out training, the aim is to exercise our temperament and when our spirit is highly concentrated and tense, the fat will be natural decomposition and combustion.
2 run in the water
Water resistance is 12-14 times larger than the ground air resistance, can greatly promote metabolism, accelerate the decomposition of glycogen in the body, to prevent the excessive accumulation of fat, slimming effect is amazing.
3 alternate exercise
This is new fitness concept and method: that is you work with the right hand in daily life. Now recommends with left hand to exercise. "Alternating up and down", day-to-day in addition to adhere to the upper extremity activities, in particular to the regular activities of the toes, toes do something gripping compact action, such as cardiopulmonary exercise alternately, alternating hot and cold exercise and logical thinking and thinking in images alternately exercise.
4 hung upside down
American Orthopaedic scientist Martin made patients draw single bar, parallel bars or other fixed shelf with feet into hung upside down, in order to treat backache, leg pain, sciatica, arthritis, etc., with satisfactory results.
Don't walk well
1 going backwards
Firstly, it can prevent humpback, allow tightening and relaxation of the lower back muscles to maintain rhythm, thus prevention and treatment of functional low back pain. Secondly, can increase the affordability of the knee. Thirdly, going backwards can exercise the sense of direction, control balance, and improve physical coordination.
2 walking barefoot
Barefoot walking makes pelma fascia muscle, ligament, acupuncture points and nerve endings contact with the ground sand, grass and uneven gravel surface to the greatest extent, send signals into corresponding internal organs and the cerebral cortex, which regulate the function of each part of the human body.
3 crawling
Crawling can make blood circulation smoothly, thus greatly reducing the burden of the lumbar spine, if you have a certain time every day to do crawling exercise, will play therapy and fitness effects on cardiovascular disease and a variety of spine, waist lesions significant symptoms.
4 walking in the rain
When it rains can produce a large number of negative oxygen ions, helps to regulate nerve, eliminate depressed. This is also some people feel depressed, are exposed in the rain will be fun.
5 handstand
The handstand has always been a fitness method of the ancient monks. Medical scientists believe, often standing is susceptible to visceral ptosis, hemorrhoids and cerebral insufficiency, lumbar disease, swollen feet and other illnesses. Handstand can improve blood circulation, clear the brain and enhance the function of internal organs, play a fitness effect of the relaxation of the body.
1 have a bath with ginger
The bath is also a highly recommended lazy way to lose weight, because as long as we lie in the bathtub can achieve very good slimming effect. Because when have a bath, the body's metabolism is particularly increased, meanwhile consume the fat, and toxins are excreted with the sweat and reduce edema. To strengthen the effect of weight loss, we can pour ginger juice into the bath water, also can put a few slices of ginger or wrap ginger with gauze to scrub the body, all can make blood circulation become more vigorous.
2 add into coffee when bath
We only heard of bathing with milk can whiten the body, but have a bath with coffee having slimming effect is unheard of. Japan Spa Club starts configuring the coffee bath pool, to help women to lose weight. This is because caffeine can compact body to promote the excretion of toxins and water, so slimming effect is particularly obvious. In addition, at home, we can also produce concentrated coffee by ourselves, pour the right amount in the tub to help eliminate edema.
Daily living
1 brush tongue to control appetite
We can observe our own tongue, the thicker the furred tongue, the more you want to eat heavy taste food to satisfy the appetite, but it will absorb a lot of heat, causing obesity problems. So if we want to lose weight, should often clean the tongue, so as to effectively reduce the secretion of saliva, reduces appetite, and usually should also try to be mainly light diet, less eat heavy taste food, adjust your dietary structure. Brush your teeth immediately after dinner and clean the tongue, can effectively avoid supper, and also can keep tone fresh.
2 holding ice in hands
Prepare two plastic bottles filled with water, and then put into the refrigerator freezer to freeze into ice, and then take out, hold them with hands to do exercise. Adhere to half a minute, put down, after hands restore a certain temperature, pick up and do sports, such that repeat five times can play a slimming effect.
Perhaps we will find it strange, but it is also a certain scientific basis: When our body heat conveys to the ice through the hands, the body will release more heat to maintain balance, and can promote blood circulation, accelerate lose weight.

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