Anti-Virus software: a company’s greatest asset!

By: Alice Brooks

When it comes to your businesses Internet Security you must seriously consider the use of anti-virus software. This is very true if your business uses an internal or external computer network wherein every computer in your business is linked to one another. If one person in your office opens up a document or email that contains a virus, and you fail to use anti-virus protection, this single virus could end up infecting and causing damage to every computer in your office! This could result in major down-time for you company and could also result in a loss of profits.

All companies must take great measures in order to protect their computer system. They also must take their time when choosing the anti-virus software for which they put their faith and trust. However, many business owners will simply hope that the general anti-virus protection software that came installed on their computers will do the job for them. However, factory installed anti-virus software seldom gets the job done! Additionally, most factory installed programs of this nature expire after a specific time frame. Therefore, you must seek out and obtain software that has been proven effective at protecting entire computer networks with ease that is also available at a price which your company can afford.

There are many benefits that come with using anti-virus software that is specifically designed with businesses in mind. First and foremost, the majority of this software such as Trend Micro’s Office Scan, is designed with a strong focus on email. This is due to the fact that nearly 70% of all business related viruses are a direct result of spam mail transferred viruses. With that in mind Trend Micro’s Office Scan has been programmed and fashioned to block nearly 99% of all spam related email. Other anti-virus software programs can’t even begin to compete with this type of effectiveness.

Additionally, Office Scan 10 is designed to quickly quarantine problems on a business network. This means that if one persons computer becomes infected that Office Scan 10 can quarantine that issue and can cut that computers access to the general business network. This will prevent the spread of the virus on additional computer systems. Office Scan 10 literally puts a stop to the “infection chain” which generally results in a great loss of revenue and software for many companies throughout the world.

With Office Scan 10 from Trend Micro you will also have peace of mind that your company’s computer network is always up to date and protected. With all Trend Micro products you can expect daily updates to be made to your system in order to better and fully protect every aspect of your business computer network. This will also save you a great deal of IT related money! With less computer malfunctions and breakdowns you will save your company a great deal of money and many headaches. However, if you fail to install and use the Office Scan 10 from Trend Micro, you could end up losing your entire computer system which could also result in a huge loss in profits!

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Trend Micro is a leader in anti-virus software! If you are truly are looking for business related anti-virus protection, then look no further than Office Scan 10 from Trend Micro.

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